Can you take the metro to the Eiffel Tower?

Can you take the metro to the Eiffel Tower?

The closest station to the Eiffel Tower is Champ de Mars/Tour Eiffel. You can take Metro or RER services to this stop. Then, simply hop off and stroll for less than ten minutes along the Seine to get to the monument.

How much taxi from Gare du Nord to Eiffel Tower?

The fastest way to get from Gare du Nord to Eiffel Tower is to taxi. Taking this option will cost €16 – €20 and takes 11 min.

What metro do you take to get to the Eiffel Tower?

You can take three routes to the Eiffel Tower by metro. Take Line 9 (yellow), and alight at the Trocadéro Station (10 mins). You can also take Line 6 (green) to Bir-Hakeim Station (8 mins) or Line 8 (purple) to the École-Militaire Station (14 mins). From each of these stations, you can simply walk to the Eiffel Tower.

What metro line is Gare du Nord on?

Gare du Nord is served both by métro and RER lines as well as several bus routes. Interchange with métro lines 4 and 5 or RER lines B, D and E. Visit for more information (available in English).

How do I get from Eurostar to Eiffel Tower?

You can take a train from Gare du Nord (Paris Métro) to Eiffel Tower via Gare du Nord, Saint-Michel Notre-Dame, and Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel in around 31 min. Alternatively, Bus RATP operates a bus from Square Montholon to Albert de Mun every 20 minutes. Tickets cost €1 – €3 and the journey takes 29 min.

How do you get up to the Eiffel Tower?

The tower has three levels with observation platforms, at roughly 200, 400, and 900 feet, all connected by elevators and stairs. But there isn’t a single elevator straight to the top (le sommet). To get there, you’ll first ride an elevator (or climb 775 steps) to the second level.

How do I get from Gare du Nord to the Metro?

Even though the Paris Metro Line 2 does not go directly to Gare du Nord, this can be accessed from the train station, as you will be able to see from the Paris Nord train station plan further down, and as you will see from the Metro line 2 maps, this travels from Porte Dauphine to Nation, with the La Chapelle Metro …

Where does the Eurostar train stop in France?

Eurostar stops at Avignon TGV and Marseille St Charles stations so, whatever your final destination in Provence, it won’t be far away. You’ll find local buses, trains and taxis at both stations to take you wherever you want to go.

Is it illegal to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night?

Photographing the Eiffel Tower at night is not illegal at all. Any individual can take photos and share them on social networks.

Is 1 day in Paris enough?

One day in Paris may not be enough to work through a long wish list of what to see in the city (we’re still going strong on ours several visits later), but don’t worry–you can indeed get a fantastic glimpse of Paris in one day.

Is it worth it to go up the Eiffel Tower?

Unless you want to go up the Iron Lady just to tick going up the Eiffel Tower off your Parisian Bucket List, then it’s just not worth the time (or effort). There are far prettier views available at a fraction of the price and at a much reduced waiting time (thus saving you precious time during your visit to Paris)!

What time of day is best to visit the Eiffel Tower?

In general, to feel more comfortable, start your visit early in the morning (before 10:30am) or at the end of the day after 5 PM, or even in the evening.