Why are so many theaters called the fox?

Why are so many theaters called the fox?

Fox Theatres was a large chain of movie theaters in the United States dating from the 1920s either built by Fox Film studio owner William Fox, or subsequently merged in 1929 by Fox with the West Coast Theatres chain, to form the Fox West Coast Theatres chain.

Why was the Fox Theater built?

In 1928, the Fox was originally conceived as a home for Atlanta’s Shriners organization. To create a headquarters befitting the group’s prominent social status, the Shriners looked to the ancient temples of the Far East to inspire a mosque-style structure befitting their stature.

Who built the Fox Theater in Detroit?

C. Howard Crane
Fox Theatre (Detroit)

Architect C. Howard Crane Restoration by William Kessler
Architectural style Art Deco with a blend of Burmese, Indian, Persian, Chinese, and Hindu motifs
NRHP reference No. 85000280
Significant dates

How long did it take to build the Fox theatre?

Designed by architect Howard Crane, 2211 Woodward Avenue was commissioned by William Fox, the founder of Fox Corporation. The project was completed in 18 months.

Why was the Fox Theater in San Francisco torn down?

The Fox Theater was San Francisco’s splashiest and most glamorous movie theaters, but was torn down in 1963 to make way for an office building and apartments. Many folks were unhappy about the loss, some even believing that a curse was placed on the new building to doom its future.

How old is the Fox Theater in Detroit Michigan?

94Fox Theatre / Age (c. 1928)

What is the oldest theater in Detroit?

National Theatre
The 2,200 seat National Theatre is the oldest surviving theater from the city’s first theater district. The futuristic Cadillac Centre begins construction on Detroit’s historic Monroe block, once a collection of eight antebellum commercial buildings demolished in 1990.

Who designed the Fox theatre?

It is one of the very few designs done by the New York architect Thomas White Lamb (1871-1942) for a site east of the Mississippi River. Lamb was well-known to the Fox Theatre chain, having designed well over 150 movie palaces, and was skilled at designing large scale venues.

Who owns the Fox theatre in Atlanta?

Fox Theatre Inc.
Fox Theatre (Atlanta)

The Fox Theatre
Address 660 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, Georgia United States
Owner Fox Theatre Inc.
Type Movie Theater

Why was the Fox Theater demolished?

The Fox Theater, San Francisco’s biggest and most glamorous movie theater, was torn down in 1963 so that an apartment building could be built.

When did the Fox Theater in SF close?

February 16, 1963
The Fox Theatre was a 4,651-seat movie palace located at 1350 Market Street in San Francisco, California….Fox Theatre (San Francisco)

Capacity 4,651
Opened June 28, 1929
Closed February 16, 1963
Demolished July 1963

When was the Fox Theatre in Detroit built?

Detroit’s Fox Theatre was originally billed as “the most magnificent Temple of Amusement in the World.” Built to replace the outdated Fox Washington Theatre, since opening in 1928 countless audiences have taken in films and performances of all kinds.

How old is the Fox Theatre in Detroit?

How old is the Fox Theater in St Louis?

93The Fabulous Fox / Age (c. 1929)

When was the Fox theatre built in Atlanta?

1927 to 1929
The design for the Fox was chosen from a group of six competing Atlanta architectural firms; the design submitted by the firm of Marye, Alger and Vinour was selected. The building was constructed in less than three years, from 1927 to 1929.

Why was the Fox Theater in San Francisco demolished?

How old is the Fox theater in Detroit Michigan?

What is the history of the Fox Theatre?

The story of the Fox Theatre starts in 1913, when much of the Square downtown was burned in a massive fire which began in the Heer’s store and spread to much of the northeast corner of the Square. Three years later, as the Square was just beginning to rebuild and renovate, the Electric Theatre chain out of Kansas City purchased the space to use as a movie theater.

How many seats are in the Fox Theatre?

The historic Fox Theatre is one of Atlanta’s premiere venues for live entertainment. The Fox’s 4,665 seat theatre hosts more than 150 performances a year ranging from Broadway to rock to comedy to movies. In December 2009, Billboard Magazine ranked the Fox Theatre in Atlanta as “The #1 non-residency venue worldwide for the decade (5,000 seats or less).”.

Where is Fox Theatre in Atlanta GA?

TOOTSIE, the hilarious Tony Award-winning musical, is coming to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta for a limited one-week engagement from Jan. 25-30, 2022. To celebrate Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Atlanta’s 40th anniversary season, a select number of $40 tickets

Where is the Fox Theatre in St Louis?

(Joseph Barrak/AFP via Getty Images) “Cats,” the musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the fourth-longest running Broadway musical of all time, with a revival in 2016, is now on tour across North America and coming to the Fabulous Fox theater in St. Louis for the holiday season. The musical will have performances from Dec. 23 until Jan. 2.