Who has played Bertie Wooster?

Who has played Bertie Wooster?

Bertie Wooster
Portrayed by See
In-universe information
Alias Eustace H. Plimsoll Ephraim Gadsby Alpine Joe
Nickname Bertie

Why did Jeeves end Wooster?

In the television documentary Fry and Laurie Reunited (2010), upon reminiscing about their involvement in the series, it was revealed that they were initially reluctant to play the part of Jeeves and Wooster but decided to do so in the end because they felt no one else would do the parts justice.

Who played Jeeves on TV?

Stephen Fry
Set in the UK and the US in an unspecified period between the late 1920s and the 1930s, the series starred Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster, an affable young gentleman and member of the idle rich, and Stephen Fry as Jeeves, his highly intelligent and competent valet.

Who is Jeeves the butler?

Jeeves is Lord Rowcester’s butler for the length of Ring for Jeeves. While working for Bertie Wooster, he occasionally pretends to be the valet of one of Bertie’s friends as part of some scheme, though he is still actually Bertie’s valet.

Did Bertie Wooster have two aunts?

Wodehouse, being best known as Bertie Wooster’s bonhomous, red-faced Aunt Dahlia. She is much beloved by her nephew, in contrast with her sister, Bertie’s Aunt Agatha….

Aunt Dahlia
Relatives Bertie Wooster (nephew) Many others (see the list of Bertie’s relatives)
Nationality British

What is the meaning of Jeeves?

Definition of Jeeves : a valet or butler especially of model behavior.

Who played bingo little in Jeeves and Wooster?

Michael Siberry
In the 1990–1993 television series Jeeves and Wooster, Bingo was portrayed by Michael Siberry in series 1 and 2, and by Pip Torrens in series 3 and 4.

Who played Stiffy Byng?

Amanda Harris
Recurring characters

Character Series 3
Stiffy Byng Amanda Harris
Florence Craye Fiona Gillies
Stilton Cheesewright

Who played barmy in Jeeves and Wooster?

Adam Blackwood
In the television series Jeeves and Wooster, Barmy was portrayed by Adam Blackwood in series one and by Martin Clunes in series two.

What is Jeeves full name?

Reginald Jeeves
“Jeeves (full name Reginald Jeeves, nickname Reggie) is a fictional character in a series of comedic short stories and novels by English author P. G. Wodehouse. Jeeves is the highly competent valet of a wealthy and idle young Londoner named Bertie Wooster.

What are good butler names?

List of fictional butlers

Butler Work Year introduced
Alfred Nikolas Cassadine’s butler in the TV series General Hospital 2006
Alfred Mayflowers’ murderous butler in Hudson Hawk movie 1991
Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne’s butler and father figure in the Batman universe 1943

Is Tuppy Glossop related to Honoria?

Life and character. Hildebrand “Tuppy” Glossop is the nephew of Sir Roderick Glossop and the cousin of Honoria Glossop.

Did Bertie Wooster fight in the war?

Wooster’s first appearance was as an independent young upper class male in 1915; he and his fellow ‘drones’ would have been of an age to serve in World War I, yet no reference to that conflict appears in his work with a single exception: In the 1953 novel Ring for Jeeves (in which Wooster does not appear), in response …

What is the meaning of Wooster?

proper noun An industrial and academic city in north central Ohio; population 26,212 (est.

What does heebie jeebies means?

Definition of heebie-jeebies : jitters, creeps.

Who is bingo little?

“Bingo” Little is a recurring fictional character in the comedic Jeeves and Drones Club stories of English writer P. G. Wodehouse, being a friend of Jeeves’s master Bertie Wooster and a member of the Drones Club.

Who played Honoria Glossop?

Honoria Glossop
Last appearance “Jeeves and the Greasy Bird” (1965)
Created by P. G. Wodehouse
Portrayed by Donna Lynne Champlin Miriam Margolyes and others
In-universe information

Is Tuppy Glossop related to Honoria Glossop?

What happened to Jeeves?

In July 2005, Ask Jeeves was acquired by IAC. In February 2006, Jeeves was removed from Ask Jeeves and the search engine rebranded to Ask.

What is a female butler called?

A butler is usually male, and in charge of male servants, while a housekeeper is usually a woman, and in charge of female servants.

Who played Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster?

Jeeves and Wooster (1990-1993) was a British television series adapted by Clive Exton from P. G. Wodehouse ‘s Jeeves stories. It starred Hugh Laurie as the artless Bertie Wooster and Stephen Fry as his miraculously capable valet Jeeves .

What was the name of Jeeves and Wooster valet?

Jeeves and Wooster (1990-1993) was a British television series adapted by Clive Exton from P. G. Wodehouse ‘s Jeeves stories. It starred Hugh Laurie as the artless Bertie Wooster and Stephen Fry as his miraculously capable valet Jeeves . Jeeves: I was sent by the agency, sir. I was given to understand that you required a valet.

Who is the creator of Jeeves and Wooster?

Jeeves and Wooster is a British comedy-drama series adapted by Clive Exton from P. G. Wodehouse’s “Jeeves” stories. The series was a collaboration between Brian Eastman of Picture Partnership Productions and Granada Television.

What does Jeeves say about Bertie Wooster and Alfred Trotsky?

Jeeves: No, sir. Bertie Wooster: There are times when one wants to hear all about the poet Pope and times when one doesn’t. Jeeves: Very true, sir. Magistrate: These are serious charges. But I’m inclined to believe that you, Alfred Trotsky, and you, Frederick Aloisius Lenin, were led astray. You are discharged.