Where is NTU Hall admin office?

Where is NTU Hall admin office?

Graduate Hall 1 is served by the Admin Office at Hall 11, Com Blk, Level 1.

How do you get to Hall NTU?

They are gained by joining different committees, and the higher level of position you get, the higher points you get. With higher points, the higher priority you’d have when being allocated into a hall. NTUSU is the representative of NTU’s student body.

Is it compulsory to stay in hostel in NTU?

NTU has residential hostels which cater to students who wish to live on-campus. Staying on-campus is not guaranteed by NTU except for Years 1 and 2 students. For Years 3 and 4 students applying for hall places, they are prioritised based on their participation in hostel activities and co-curricular activities (CCAs).

How many residential halls are there in NTU?

24 halls
Staying in NTU Derek Rodriguez highlights the strengths of each of NTU’s 24 halls of residence.

Is there WIFI in NTU Hall?

How to get connected to WIFI/ Internet in NTU? Once you’re in NTU, you can connect to NTU WIFI if you’re in hostel common areas such as TV Lounge, canteen, study room etc. and also in most of NTU area such as Academic Complex (North Spine & South Spine). Connect it using your NTU username (eg kwong79) and password.

Are visitors allowed in NTU Hall?

2. What are the hall rules on visitors? – Visiting time is from 7.30am to 11.30pm. – No external visitors allowed.

Which hall in NTU is the best?

Boasting the largest rooms in NTU, Hall 5 has clear and wide windows that allow natural sunlight in. On top of that, Hall 5 is also conveniently located just opposite the overhead bridge that spans across the expressway, leading you to Extension – one of the popular support spots for NTU students.

Can u choose your roommate in NTU?

Application with Roommate For application to twin-sharing room, NTU or NIE new students can indicate each other as roommates. Applicants will be assigned to another room type if the preferred room type is not available.

Where can I sleep in NTU?

Some halls have open structure, such as Hall 12, Hall 7, and Hall 4. These three halls are also near the school. Certain TV rooms or common rooms in the halls are not locked, and you can just go in and have quality sleep on the sofa.

Can we choose roommates in NTU?

Is NTU safe?

Safe Place NTU and NTSU have worked together to launch a safe and secure place within our City, Clifton and Brackenhurst campuses. The spaces are all staffed by NTU Security and Wardens and can help: after a night out. if you are being followed.

Does NTU Hall have aircon?

If you don’t have an aircon room but need one, try contacting hall office, there may be spare rooms 😉(if you never try, you never know) Look out for an email for aircon servicing! (twice a semester or so)

Is there fan in NTU Hall?

All rooms are furnished with a wardrobe (with a full-length mirror in it), a study table attached with a cupboard on the side and a shelf on the top, a corkboard, a bed (varies from a twin to a twin XL-sized bed according to the hall), and a ceiling fan.

Are pets allowed in NTU?

For example, The National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University prohibit students from keeping any type of pets whereas the Singapore Management University allows students to keep service animals such as dogs which are trained for a specific purpose or even therapy animals for emotional …

Where should I live near NTU?

The University is located in the west of Singapore and nearby housing estates include Jurong West, Boon Lay, and Jurong East.

Does NTU Hall have fridge?

Refrigerator. Despite the hefty prices we pay every month, hall rooms don’t come with refrigerators… However, be it an icy old drink on a hot day, or storing your groceries (hotpot session? let’s go!)

Does NTU Hall have WIFI?

What is the average GPA NTU?


Letter Grade NTU and NUS SMU
A 5.0 4.0 (83-85%)
A- 4.5 3.7 (80-82%)
B+ 4.0 3.3 (77-79%)
B 3.5 3.0 (74-76%)

What if I fail a module at NTU?

If you fail a course, you can always read it again the next time it is offered, or even read a different course to fulfill the requirements of the minor. So long as you satisfy all the requirements by the time you graduate, you will graduate with the minor.

What should I bring to Hall?

Room Furniture

  1. Bed Stuff. Bedsheets and pillowcases (get at least two sets, for when they’re in the wash.
  2. Fan. In dorms with air-conditioning, there are hefty charges levied on their usage.
  3. Mini-Fridge.
  4. Induction stove.
  5. Storage Boxes.
  6. Other Room Furnishings.
  7. Charcoal/Diffusers.
  8. Magiclean.

How do I contact Nanyang Technological University?

Mailing Address: Nanyang Technological University 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798 *Please refer to the contact list below and attention it to the respective department / office in charge. Contact Number: Tel: (+65) 6791 1744. 24-hour Hotlines

How do I contact the QS manager at NTU?

Email: [email protected] For services for current students and staff, please refer to the Contact OAS intranet page. Undergraduate Housing Executive Centre Carparks & Shuttle Buses Carparks Food & Beverage, Retail & Services

How many halls are in the re programme?

These six halls are located near to one another and often collaborate during RE programmes. These activities are often open to residents from other precincts. Find out more… Find out more…