When did the Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione come out?

When did the Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione come out?

Front of the Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione. Alfa Romeo 75 2.0 L with a Turbo Evoluzione-style wing kit 500 examples of the Turbo Evoluzione were produced in the spring of 1987 to meet Group A requirements. The car had many modifications when compared to the standard turbo model.

What was the most powerful Alfa Romeo 75?

To take part in the 1988 Giro d’Italia, the Alfa Racing Department brought the Group A 75 into line with the International Motor Sport Association rules. This produced the most powerful 75: the Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione IMSA.

What makes the Alfa 75 different from other Alfa cars?

engineered the car to use a transaxle (as with the Alfetta, Giulietta and Alfa Six) and this gave it near 50:50 weight distribution. Essentially the Alfa 75 was an extensive facelift of the Giulietta, but one that you didn’t need to squint to see the shared parts.

What was the last model developed independently of Alfa Romeo?

(The Alfa Romeo 164 was the last model developed independently.) The 75 was introduced in May 1985 to replace the Giulietta (with which it shared many components), and was named to celebrate Alfa’s 75th year of production.

Did Alfa Corse ever race in the world touring car championship?

Alfa Romeo and its racing department Alfa Corse raced the 75 Turbo Group A in the World Touring Car Championship in the 1987 season. There were six official entries, two were run directly by Alfa Corse, two by Brixia Corse, one by Albatech, and one by the Swedish team Q-Racing.

Does the Alfa Romeo 75 have a limited slip differential?

The 2.0 L Twin Spark and the 3.0 Litre V6 were equipped with a limited slip differential. The 75 featured a then-advanced dashboard-mounted diagnostic computer, called Alfa Romeo Control, capable of monitoring the engine systems and alerting drivers of potential faults.