What kind of paper is the Toronto Star?

What kind of paper is the Toronto Star?

broadsheet daily newspaper
The Toronto Star is a Canadian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper. It is owned by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of Torstar Corporation and part of Torstar’s Daily News Brands division. In July 2020, Torstar agreed to sell the company to NordStar Capital LP.

How often does the Toronto Star publish?

seven days a week
Ownership. Founded in 1892, the Toronto Star has long been Canada’s largest daily newspaper. Now a multi-platform news organization, the Star publishes a newspaper seven days a week in the Greater Toronto Area and publishes ongoing news and information to a global audience on thestar.com on web and mobile applications.

Who owns Toronto Star?

NordStar Capital LPTorstar / Parent organization

How to publish obituary Toronto Star?

For death notices, please call 416-869-4229, fax 416-814-3273 or email [email protected]. We accept jpeg or Word attachments only. For more information or to use our online form to place a classified ad in the newspaper, please visit www.starclassifieds.com.

What is Canada’s most read newspaper?

Toronto Star is Canada’s largest daily print newspaper, with the largest readership in the country.

Who prints the Toronto Star?

Transcontinental Printing
Toronto Star reaches five-year deal with Transcontinental Printing to print the newspaper.

How can I get a free Toronto Star article?

There’s just one more step to set up your complimentary access to thestar.com! 1. Go to thestar.com/redeem-home-delivery and click the Create account button. Enter the information requested so we can validate your Toronto Star subscription.

Where is Toronto Star printed?

In opening up the huge facility, Digital Realty points to Toronto’s booming technology cluster, with more than 15,000 companies along the Toronto to Waterloo corridor. The data centre is located in Vaughan, Ont., which is a part of York Region, home to another 4,300 tech companies.

Who reads the Toronto Star?

About us. The Toronto Star is Canada’s largest daily newspaper and is read in print and across desktop, mobile and tablet platforms by more than 6 million readers every week. Online, thestar.com is one of the most-visited newspaper websites in Canada.

How much does it cost to put an obituary in the Toronto Star?

As another example, the Toronto Star charges $9.99 per line per day (with approximately 30 characters per line).

How much does an obituary Cost Canada?

A short obituary can easily cost $200–$600, whereas a long, detailed one can cost upwards of $1,000. Families usually include a high-quality photo of their deceased loved one, which will also contribute to the bottom line.

What is the readership of the Toronto Star?

With over 11 million loyal readers Toronto Star can tell your story to your target audience. Boomers personal incomes have kept pace with their growth in the last decade, increasing by more than 30%. That makes engaging with this demographic even more crucial for advertisers.

How much is the Toronto Star?

The Toronto Star’s maximum stand-alone digital subscription rate is $19.99 per month. If this maximum stand-alone rate exceeds the monthly price of your print subscription, see the CRA site for guidance on the amount of the eligible expense where there is no comparable stand alone digital subscription.

How much is the Toronto Star paper?

Only $12.50* a week.

Who owns Post media?

Chatham Asset Management
Postmedia is currently 66% owned by American media conglomerate Chatham Asset Management….Postmedia Network.

Type Public
Products Newspapers, Media Websites, News Content
Revenue $619.6 million CAD (2019)
Owner Chatham Asset Management (66%)
Number of employees 2,006

Who owns Yonge Street?

Pinnacle International
Reports suggest that the vacant Toronto Star parking lot located at 1 Yonge Street has been purchased by Pinnacle International for a mind-numbing $255 million, making it one of the (if not, THE) largest land acquisitions by any developer in Toronto.

What are the Atkinson principles?

Atkinson believed people came first. Five principles anchor this idea and the Atkinson Foundation: a strong and united Canada, civic engagement, individual and civil liberties, the necessary role of government, and workers’ rights.

Who is responsible for the Star’s editorial pages?

The Star’s Editorial Board is responsible for the editorial and op-ed pages, as well as content on the Opinion section of thestar.com. That includes editorials, letters to the editor, columns, opinion articles by guest commentators and multi-media features on thestar.com Opinion section.

What is included in the Star’s opinion section?

That includes editorials, letters to the editor, columns, opinion articles by guest commentators and multi-media features on thestar.com Opinion section.

How do I submit an opinion article to the Toronto Star?

If you want to submit an opinion article for consideration, please send it to [email protected]. We consider commentaries of 600 to 725 words on current affairs, with an emphasis on Canadian issues. We tend not to print personal essays or broadly themed philosophical, religious or historical articles.

Who is the Star’s Op-page editor?

She started her career at the Star in 1998 and has worked in the City Hall and Queen’s Park bureaus. She was also an editorial board writer from 2008 to 2012. Scott Colby has been the Star’s oped page editor since May 2016.