What is Vacuolation in plants?

What is Vacuolation in plants?

Increase in surface of the tonoplast appears to be accomplished by the formation of localized tentacle-like protrusions that eventually become dilated. These events lead to the development of a complex of small vacuoles interconnected by narrow bridges that appear in section as double membranes.

Which virus causes cytopathic effect of cytoplasmic vacuolization?

Cytoplasmic vacuolization is a commonly noted response in cells infected with the cytopathic biotype of BVDV.

Are there vacuoles in the neuron?

Vacuoles can be seen in histological sections of brain and other neural tissue for a number of reasons. Although they may be seen in neuronal bodies and glial cells, most vacuoles typically occur in the white matter of the brain and myelinated peripheral nerves, mostly as a result of alterations to myelin.

Is mitochondrial vacuolization irreversible?

Mitochondrial vacuolization is typically a sign of irreversible cell injury, signifying that the involved mitochondria are permanantly unable to generate ATP.

What is cell Vacuolation?

Vacuolization is the formation of vacuoles or vacuole-like structures, within or adjacent to cells.

What is Vacuolation in biology?

Vacuolization refers to the state or the process of forming vacuoles. The vacuoles may form inside or adjacent to the cells. 1. There are many instances in which vacuoles form. One of which is the neurodegenerative diseases in humans and animals caused by prions.

What causes cell Vacuolation?

At the same time, formation of giant vacuoles in animal cells in vivo and in culture occurs as a morphological phenomenon (commonly called cytoplasmic vacuolization or vacuolation) that develops spontaneously or after exposure to bacterial or viral pathogens as well as to various natural and artificial low-molecular- …

What is neuronal Vacuolation?

Vacuolation of neurons represents hydropic degeneration, which in the dorsal root ganglia may result in neuronal death and formation of nodules of Nageotte replacing the lost neurons.

What is a Vacuolated neutrophil?

Toxic vacuolation, also known as toxic vacuolization, is the formation of vacuoles in the cytoplasm of neutrophils in response to severe infections or inflammatory conditions.

What are subnuclear vacuoles?

Subnuclear vacuolated mucous cells show a distinctive appearance on haematoxylin and eosin staining. They are columnar cells of similar size to simple mucin-secreting cells, but have a central nucleus beneath which the cytoplasm has a uniform glassy eosinophilic appearance or contains a clear area.

What is the meaning of Vacuolation?

Definition of vacuolation : the development or formation of vacuoles.

What is vacuolated cytoplasm?

Cytoplasmic vacuolization (also called cytoplasmic vacuolation) is a well-known morphological phenomenon observed in mammalian cells after exposure to bacterial or viral pathogens as well as to various natural and artificial low-molecular-weight compounds.

What does subnuclear mean?

Definition of subnuclear : of, relating to, or being a particle smaller than the atomic nucleus.

What is vacuolization of cytoplasm?

What is cytoplasmic vacuolation?

This review focuses on a widely-observed morphological phenomenon, a unique class of cytoplasmic vacuolation, found in cultured (mammalian) cells. This vacuolation is quite distinct from autophagosomal and heterophagosomal, ie excessive lysosomal vacuolation, and occurs in most cell types spontaneously or via a wide range of inductive stimuli.

What is cytoplasmic vacuolization in hepatitis A?

Cytoplasmic vacuolization of hepatocytes and ductal epithelial cells is a common finding in acute hepatitis A [295, 296]. Vacuolization as well as other cytopathic changes such as multilayer membrane structures and tubular-vesicular network are observed in HAV-infected cells in vitro[223, 297].

What is vacuolating cytotoxin A (VacA)?

Palframan SL, Kwok T, Gabriel K. Vacuolating cytotoxin A (VacA), a key toxin for Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2012;2:92.

Are cytoplasmic vacuoles induced by ultrafiltrates of serum?

Vacuolation response to ultrafiltrates of human serum Cytoplasmic vacuoles are induced by exposure of different cell types to ultrafiltrates of human sera (Henics et al, 1993; Henics and Wheatley, 1997); we are unaware of any similar reports in the literature.