What is a Part 135 carrier?

What is a Part 135 carrier?

Part 135 is a certificate required by the Federal Aviation Administration for a company to operate as a non-scheduled air charter carrier. It encompasses a section of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) that establishes safe operating procedures and policies for on-demand jet charters.

How do I become a 135 pilot?

Before serving as a PIC in an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operation, the pilot must have accumulated at least the following flight hour experience: 1,200 total pilot flight hours; 500 cross-country flight hours; 100 night flight hours; 75 actual or simulated instrument flight hours, 50 of which must have been in …

What requirements must an air taxi operator meet for Part 135 operations?

To satisfy the Part 135 requirements, operators may use the approved Airplane Flight Manual ( AFM ) or the approved Rotorcraft Flight Manual ( RFM ), as applicable, or they may develop, obtain approval for, and use a Company Flight Manual ( CFM ).

How many aircraft does NASA own?

NASA operated and maintained a total of 63 active aircraft during FY 2020.

Can a commercial pilot fly Part 135?

Part 91 governs general operating and flight rules for all civil, generally non-commercial aircraft, whereas Part 135’s goal is to “hold [commercial] pilots, aircraft, operations and even passengers to a higher standard than would pertain to someone providing his own transportation.” Part 91’s rules are always in …

What is the difference between Part 91 and 135?

If you’re a licensed pilot, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the terms Part 91 and Part 135. In accordance with the regulations of the Federal Aeronautics Administration (FAA), a Part 91 operator (pilot) is involved with private operations, whereas Part 135 operator rules govern certain flights of a commercial nature.

Do you need an ATP to fly 135?

(3) PIC’s conducting Part 135 IFR or VFR over-thetop operations in helicopters must hold a helicopter instrument rating or an ATP certificate that is not limited to VFR.

How much does a Part 135 certificate cost?

Item Certificate Level
Product Cost $15,000 $1.2M
Application Forms and Letters
Hazmat Training Manual
Anti Drug and Alcohol Program

Is there an age limit for Part 135 pilots?

The FAA does not have an age limit for pilots flying under Part 135 regulations, however ICAO specifies an age limit of 65 (with other restrictions after the age of 60).

Do you need a first class medical to fly Part 135?

Some Part 135 operators will require a 1st class medical. It depends on the operator. If you are trying to get a job with a Part 135 operators, the application will say what medical level you need. Note: The military doesn’t recognize first class medical since those are created by the FAA.

What is a 135 certificate?

A standard part 135 operator is a certificate holder that does not have pre-set limits on the available size or scope of their operations. The applicant must apply, qualify, and be granted FAA authorization thru OpSpecs for each type of operation they wish to conduct.

How much does an ATP certificate cost?

The ATP certificate itself requires completing an FAA-approved Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP). Typically, an ATPL training program runs at $5,000, which covers the training, knowledge exam, and practical test costs.

How many hours do you need to fly Part 135?

(1) At least 12 consecutive hours for an assignment of less than 48 hours. (2) At least 16 consecutive hours for an assignment of more than 48 hours. (i) The certificate holder must provide each flight crewmember at least 13 rest periods of at least 24 consecutive hours each in each calendar quarter.

How long does it take to get Part 135 certification?

Below is an example to showcase the cost and timeframe for the Part 135 application process. This outlined example is based on a single pilot/basic certificate for a Hawker 800XP aircraft. The average timeframe is approximately two years* from start to finish.

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