Is Yukon in Alaska or Canada?

Is Yukon in Alaska or Canada?

Yukon, formerly Yukon Territory, territory of northwestern Canada, an area of rugged mountains and high plateaus. It is bounded by the Northwest Territories to the east, by British Columbia to the south, and by the U.S. state of Alaska to the west, and it extends northward above the Arctic Circle to the Beaufort Sea.

Is Yukon part of Canada or USA?

One of three northern Canadian territories, the Yukon is situated in the northwest corner of Canada’s continental mainland. It is situated directly north of the Canadian province of British Columbia, to the east of Alaska and west of the Northwest Territories. Its northern border touches the Arctic Ocean.

Where in Canada is Yukon located?

The Yukon Territory (Yukon) is in the northwest corner of Canada. It borders on British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Alaska. Yukon has a total population of 34,157 people with most living in the capital city of Whitehorse.

Where is the Yukon Valley located?

Yukon Valley is located in the Yukon River Basin in Alaska. The warden of the Reserve is Jim Murray.

What language is spoken in Yukon?

According to the 2016 Census, 99.6% of all Yukoners (exclud- ing institutional residents) reported knowledge of at least one official language: 85.6% knew English only; 13.8% both English and French; 0.2% French only; and 0.4% knew nei- ther English or French.

Why Alaska is not a part of Canada?

There are two main reasons. First, Canada wasn’t its own country in 1867. Second, Great Britain controlled the Canadian colonies. Russia did not want to sell Alaska to its rival.

How far is Yukon from Toronto by car?

Driving distance from Yukon to Toronto is 2086 kilometers (1296 miles).

Does anyone live in Yukon?

The Yukon has a population of approximately 37,000, roughly 75% of which live in its capital city Whitehorse (over 28,000). About one quarter of Yukon residents are of Aboriginal descent and the Yukon is home to fourteen of Canada’€™s First Nations, speaking eight different languages.

What’s Yukon known for?

The Yukon is home to Canada’s highest peak, largest ice fields, the smallest desert and the western-most point in Canada. It has an incredible array of wildlife and grizzly bears, caribou, moose and other animals roam the land.

Why is Yukon important to Canada?

Lying in the northwestern corner of Canada and isolated by rugged mountains, the Yukon borders Alaska to the west, British Columbia to the south and the Northwest Territories to the east. Historically, it is indelibly associated with the great Klondike Gold Rush.

What type of people live in Yukon?

Does it snow in the Yukon?

As of April 5th, there’s 70 cm of snow on the ground across Whitehorse, Yukon; for the city of an estimated 33,285, it’s a tremendous amount – the most on record for April 4th. For reference, the snowpack usually peaks around 30 cm of snow, and by late April, the snow base remarkably diminishes to near zero.

Is Yukon safe to live?

According to, this Oklahoma City suburb is #3 in the ranking of Oklahoma’s safest cities, making it a safe, family-friendly community to settle down in.

Is the Yukon safe?

Yukon can be one of the most dangerous places on the planet for unprepared visitors due to its isolation, weather, and wildlife. Read on to discover how you can stay safe during your Yukon visit.

Does Yukon have an airport?

Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport | Government of Yukon.

Can I drive to Yukon?

There are five main ways to drive into the Yukon—three from the west in Alaska and two from down south in British Columbia.

How cold is Yukon in winter?

It may be dark, cold and snowy, but you’ll soon find out why that makes Yukon winters all the better. Temperatures can drop to -40°C (-40°F) with daily highs of -13°C (8.6°F) making it, in our opinion, one of the best winter destinations on the planet.

What is the absolute location of Yukon?

Yukon is a western suburb of Oklahoma City, and it is located in the central portion of the east side of Canadian County at (35.502255, -97.749120 According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of 26.3 square miles (68.1 km 2 ), of which 26.2 square miles (67.9 km 2 ) is land and 0.04 square miles (0.1 km 2 ), or 0.21%, is water. [15]

Where is the Yukon Territory located?

Yukon is a territory located in the extreme northwestern corner of Canada, in the Continent of North America. It is geographically positioned both in the Northern and Western hemispheres of the Earth.

Yukon Territory is located in northwest Canada. Yukon Territory is bordered by the Beaufort Sea, the United States to the west, Northwest Territories to the east, and British Columbia to the south.

Where is Yukon Oklahoma located?

Yukon is located in the central portion of the east side of Canadian County, just outside Oklahoma City. In addition to U.S. Highway 66, also called historic Route 66, the town is traversed by State Highways 4 and 92 and is immediately north of Interstate 40. A. N. Spencer founded the town in 1891.