Is it worth getting a short shifter?

Is it worth getting a short shifter?

Upgrading to a short throw shifter improves every gear shift. Few things will impact your driving experience as much as finding the shifter that’s right for you. You change gears many times every time you drive your car, and making each throw a little better is a worthwhile endeavor.

What is a Kartboy short shifter?

This is the Kartboy short shifter and bushing combo for the Subaru STI. This kit completely replaces your factory shifter mechanism, and will also restore any excessive shifter movement due to tired or worn out shifter bushings.

Do short shifters work?

A true short shifter decreases throw by reducing the angle that the shifter shaft travels through during its stroke between gears. By reducing the angle that the shaft travels through between gears, the distance that your hand needs to move between gears is also reduced.

Do short shifters damage transmissions?

A quality short shifter, such as the type we make at CUBE Speed will not damage your gearbox.

What’s the point of a short shifter?

A short shifter is also called a short-throw shifter as it decreases the distance between the pivot point and the knob, which is done by moving the pivot point higher. It also decreases the distance you need to move the knob to be able to shift gears or the throw.

Does a short shifter void warranty?

It will not. SEMA rules state that the only way an aftermarket part will void warranty on associated parts is if the part failure can reasonably be linked to and cause by the aftermarket part. Bear in mind that does not mean that some jacko dealers will say that an aftermarket shifter now wholly voids all warranty.

What’s a short throw shifter?

A short shifter, aka ‘short-throw shifter,’ though, helps cut that time down, CJ Pony Parts explains. As the name implies, a short shifter has shorter throws than the stock one. Your hand travels less, which speeds up shifts and makes it easier to keep your engine revs high for maximum power.

What is a money shift?

If you’ve never heard of ‘money shifting’ you’ve probably heard it happen once or twice. Money shifting happens when you accidentally miss the gear you are intending to shift into or aggressively downshift, so instead of shifting into 4th gear maybe you shifted back into 2nd gear.

Does double clutching hurt your transmission?

This technique, sometimes called “jake shifting”, requires high skill and much practice shifting without the clutch, and is usually not recommended among truck drivers because mistakes can cause damage to the transmission.

Will a Barton shifter void warranty?

It can’t outright void it. The only way they can void or limit anything on the warranty is if they can directly relate the issue to the aftermarket part.

Will short throw shifter void warranty Mustang?

It shouldnt affect all of your powertrain warranty. Only if you need work,that’s specifically affected by the shifter that they can scapegoat the mod as causing the problem.

What does a short shift kit reduce?

Short shift kits are a popular mod that serve two main purposes: firstly, because they shorten the distance that the gear lever needs to travel between gears – by reducing the angle that the shaft travels – the idea is that your quicker shifts will result in better performance.