Are any GFs missable in FF8?

Are any GFs missable in FF8?

One thing that’s interesting about this is that many GFs in FF8 are entirely optional – you can easily miss them, as they’re hidden away behind bosses or side quests with little to hint that they’re there.

Are timber maniacs missable?

There are 12 issues of Timber Maniacs scattered throughout the game. It’s recommended to get them as soon as possible, since one is missable.

Where is the treasure in Mordred Plains?

Mordred Plains Has Treasure Fly to Esthar city, turn north, then fly over the mountains to land. Behold, the Mordred Plains! This part can be annoying, as you’ll have to run around and mash [TALK/CONFIRM] until you find some rocks – you won’t see them on the map, so it’s just blind searching.

How many disc is Ffviii?

four discs
The epic storyline spans four discs–over 40 hours of gameplay–and is based around a mercenary cadet who finds himself caught up with an underground rebel faction.

Is ff8 hard to platinum?

Final Fantasy VIII isn’t a difficult platinum run, but it is time-consuming, and there are multiple trophies you can miss along the way.

Does ff8 have missable trophies?

There are 11 missable trophies, so i’m gonna point out what you need to be carefull about on your journey. Few things to have in mind: You need 100 kills and 1000 kills. Make sure to fight as often as you can, or leave it for the end.

Where is Omega Weapon ff8?

Ultimecia Castle
Data. The Omega Weapon is a superboss in Final Fantasy VIII. Generally regarded as the game’s toughest boss, it is hidden within Ultimecia Castle.

Which Final Fantasy game made the most money?

Gross revenue

Game Release year Gross (no inflation)
Final Fantasy XIV 2010 $1.7091 billion
Final Fantasy XI 2002 $1.2933 billion
Final Fantasy VII 1997 $903.13 million
Final Fantasy X 2001 $877.6 million

Why does Final Fantasy 7 have 3 discs?

So, basically Final Fantasy VII has 3 disks because it has too many cutscenes to fit on one. As file compression is getting better and disk capacities are getting bigger, this practice is slowly dying out but there are still a handful of 360 games that do multiple disks, to my knowledge.

Does FF8 have missable trophies?

How old is FF8?

23yFinal Fantasy VIII / Age

Where is Obel lake in Final Fantasy VIII?

Obel Lake is a location in Final Fantasy VIII north of Timber. It is a horseshoe-shaped lake with a small ledge, and a river flowing northwards through Vaulny Canyon.

How do you get to Obel lake from timber?

Make your way over to the town of Timber. To north of Timber is a Obel Lake and there is a peninsula jutting out across it. Walk out on to the peninsula and press X until a window pops up that says: Choose the “try humming” option and continue to choose that option until a shadow approaches and speaks to you.

How to get Obel Lake achievement/trophy?

The player needs to get the Minde Island treasure to get the achievement/trophy for the Obel Lake quest. …Is this ….part of something? Next, the black shadow mentions “something” found at three different locations.

How do I unlock the Obel Lake secret?

Completing the quest in the versions that support achievements earns the player the achievement/trophy Obel Lake Secret. To unlock this, the player needs to find both the Three Stars and the Luck-J Scroll on the world map.