Why did Stallworth only get 30 days?

Why did Stallworth only get 30 days?

Donté Stallworth was a solid wide receiver in the NFL, but a big mistake put his name in the news for the wrong reasons. Stallworth ultimately spent a little less than 30 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter before returning to the NFL for a few more seasons.

What does Donte Stallworth pay?

The 6 ft player signed another lucrative deal (worth $35 million) with the Browns. During his time with the team, Stallworth missed the 2009 season, following a suspension for his conviction of DUI manslaughter, leading the Browns to end his contract. Stallworth joined the Ravens, signing a $900,000 one-year deal.

Did Donte Stallworth get suspended?

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth has been suspended without pay for the entire 2009 season as a result of his guilty plea to DUI manslaughter. The NFL announced the punishment Thursday; one day shy of four months after Stallworth struck and killed a pedestrian named Mario Reyes while driving drunk.

Are John and Donte Stallworth related?

Naming Donte Stallworth’s Father Wide receiver Donte Stallworth is often connected to another wide receiver, John Stallworth, who played in the NFL in the 1970s. While the two have the same name, and it’s often stated that they are father and son, there actually does not seem to be any relation between them.

What NFL player killed DUI?

Topline. National Football League star Henry Ruggs III, 22, was charged with DUI resulting in death following an accident early Tuesday morning that resulted in one fatality, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced.

What NFL player killed someone in a car accident?

player Henry Ruggs
NFL player Henry Ruggs driving 156 mph seconds before fatal crash, police say. Henry Ruggs was released from the Las Vegas Raiders on Tuesday night. NFL wide receiver Henry Ruggs III slammed into the back of a car in Las Vegas early Tuesday morning, killing the driver, according to a police report.

Did Donte Stallworth play again after DUI?

Stallworth pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter, and though he could have been sent to prison for 15 years, he only was sentenced 30 days in jail. He was suspended by the NFL for the entire 2009 season, but he was allowed to play again for three more seasons.

What NFL player killed someone DUI?

Where did Lynn Swann go to college?

University of Southern CaliforniaLynn Swann / College

What NFL players have killed someone?

American football (gridiron)

Name Team when arrested Crime
Dwayne Goodrich Dallas Cowboys Criminally negligent homicide
Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson Retired Sexual assault, bribery
Darryl Henley Los Angeles Rams Drug trafficking, attempted conspiracy to commit murder
Aaron Hernandez New England Patriots First-degree murder

Which NFL player killed his girlfriend?

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Washington Commanders safety Deshazor Everett has been charged with involuntary manslaughter stemming from a car crash two days before Christmas that killed his girlfriend, according to NBC Sports.

What NFL quarterback just died?

Dwayne Haskins, Pittsburgh Steelers QB, dies after being hit by a truck The 24-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback died early Saturday after being struck by a dump truck while walking on a South Florida interstate, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

What NFL player killed drunk driving?

Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in June 1998 after he hit and killed a woman, Susan Gutweiler, while driving under the influence in St. Louis. The accident occurred after Little’s 24th birthday party and a blood test showed Little had a blood-alcohol level of .

Can you play in the NFL with a criminal record?

According to a memo obtained by NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, if a background check reveals misdemeanor/felony convictions related to violence, domestic violence, use of a weapon or sexual offense and/or sexual assault, that prospect won’t be permitted to partake in the combine.

What does Lynn Swann do now?

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and Pro Football Hall of Famer Lynn Swann joined the National Football Foundation on Tuesday for a Black History Month Q&A session.

Is Lynn Swann married?

Charena Swannm. 1991Bernadette Robim. 1979–1983
Lynn Swann/Spouse

What NFL player went to jail?

Following his arrest, Hernandez was immediately released by the Patriots. He was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2015 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center.