Why and How to Develop Important MBA Essay Writing Skills for Student Even Now

MBA programs have existed in all developed countries of the world for a long time; their main goal is to train highly professional management personnel. These programs enable people with higher education and work experience in business to gain in-depth knowledge in management and business administration. They provide not only theoretical but also practical training in the field of management and related disciplines. The main goal of these programs is to help a person become a good senior manager.

Students of business schools in the United States are subject to the most rigorous selection: only economic education and management experience are not enough for admission. What is important is not only the work experience in business, but also the specificity of this work – duties performed, career growth, salary increase. In all foreign business schools, the GMAT exam is mandatory. It includes a series of tests, economic problems and two essays that determine the level of analytical writing. In the first one, the student must analyze the arguments, and in the second one – analyze controversial issue.

Considering the huge competition for admission to the MBA, it is very important for students to have the skills to write a quality MBA essay. After all, even the most successful grades in studies, practice in the best business firms, will not help you to get a place if you are not able to correctly present all your achievements through the MBA essay writing. In your essay, you should demonstrate your successes to the admission officers, tell about your plans and ambitions. MBA essay is your chance to stand out among thousands of other applicants and prove that you deserve an MBA.

According to the latest statistics, only 15% of the total number of written essays open the door to prestigious business schools for their authors. 75% need to be supplemented and clarified. The remaining 10% has to put up with a categorical refusal by the admission officers. These figures are a clear indicator that admission to a business school directly depends on the quality of the written MBA essay and its level of compliance with the proposed theme.

Therefore, dreaming of becoming a student in one of the prestigious business schools in the future, begin to master strong MBA essay writing skills now.

Learn to be original. Stay away from the cliché and find the original concept. In a business school, they will want to know who you really are, so be sincere, analyze what unique experience you can bring to the program. Think about how you would answer each of the essay questions if like a friend or relative asked for a cup of coffee.

Learn not to write what, in your opinion, the admissions officers want to hear, but follow your instincts. Think about whatever examples from your biography that shed light on subsequent hobbies, goals or achievements you could bring. And one more thing: the original does not mean too frank or inadmissible.

Grammar, syntax, vocabulary, clarity. All this characterizes you. It is very important to learn how to plan and allocate enough time to write and edit an essay even now, so that in the future your candidacy will not be spoiled by inaccuracies, incomprehensible sentences, technical jargon or abbreviations. It is equally important to observe the number of words and answer the questions posed.

If the essay writing is not your strong point, keep a diary and write down the thoughts that will visit you during the day. Use lists first, not full sentences and finally you will get enough ideas to start essay writing. It may take 8-10 weeks to prepare all the essays, usually students rewrite the work several times until they are satisfied with the result.

Learn to tell in detail about your work experience. The admissions officers need to understand what are your professional responsibilities, how rich your experience is, as this is the most important asset you bring to the program. Speaking about your experience, it is quite normal to emphasize strengths, but do not forget to write about the areas where you still need to work.

Thus, MBA essay writing is one of the most difficult elements of an application for the MBA program, which, at the same time, gives you a unique opportunity to tell the admissions officers about yourself and your achievements, explain your motivation and prove that the chosen program is perfect for you. Therefore, learn to write similar types of essay even now, so that in the future your MBA essay writing skills can provide you with a cherished place in a prestigious business school.