Who voices Daria?

Who voices Daria?

Tracy Grandstaff (Daria Morgendorffer) The voice of Daria herself is a TV writer who worked on the Nickelodeon sitcom Taina and the MTV variety series The Tom Green Show. By 2016, she was working as the senior vice president of original production at NBC, according to Vice.

What color is darias hair?

Physical Appearance. Daria has long reddish-brown hair with bangs going across her forehead, which she doesn’t style in any particular fashion. In stark contrast with most other female characters, Daria makes no attempt to dress attractively.

Is Daria a Mike Judge?

Although Judge allowed the character to star in a spin-off, he had no involvement in the production of Daria himself, as he was busy working on King of the Hill….

Based on The character of Daria Morgendorffer from Beavis and Butt-Head, created by Mike Judge

Was Daria Cancelled?

The show ran five seasons before ending in 2002. In the interview, Eichler said a sixth season of Daria was unlikely on MTV at the time: Not too long after the series ended, MTV animation imploded, so I don’t know if we would have even made it to a sixth year.”

Who voices Sandy in Daria?

Janie Mertz
Sandi Griffin is a student at Lawndale High, president of the Fashion Club, and not-so-secret antagonist for Quinn Morgendorffer. She is voiced by Janie Mertz.

Who is the voice of Quinn on Daria?

Wendy HoopesQuinn Morgendorffer / Voiced by

What ethnicity is Daria?

Daria (name)

Word/name Old Persian
Meaning Wealthy, Feminine counterpart of Darius.
Region of origin Iran (Ancient Persia)
Other names

How old is Jane in Daria?

18 years
In the show, she was main character Daria Morgendorffer’s best friend and as of the show’s final season was aged 18 years….Jane Lane (Daria)

Jane Lane
Voiced by Wendy Hoopes
In-universe information
Gender Female
Occupation Freshman at Boston Fine Arts College

What was Daria a spinoff of?

Beavis and Butt-HeadDaria / Predecessor

Who voiced Jodi on Daria?

‘Daria’ Turns 25: See the Faces Behind the Voices (PHOTOS) Jodie (Ellis Ross): Fresh off the heels of her college graduation and full of ambition, Jodie moves to the big city for a prestigious internship at tech behemoth Firstfinity.

How old is Trent in Daria?

Trent Lane
Gender Male
Age 21-23
Occupation Lead guitars, vocals and clapping for Mystik Spiral
Family Vincent Lane (father) Amanda Lane (mother) Jane Lane (sister) Penny Lane (sister) Wind Lane (brother) Summer Lane (sister) Adrian (nephew) Courtney (niece)

How old is Quinn in Daria?

At the age of 14½ years at the start of the show, Quinn was Daria’s chief nemesis for the bulk the series….

Quinn Morgendorffer
Episode count 65 (all) 2 TV movies
Gender Female
Age 14½-16½

Why is Quinn so mean to Daria?

Daria Morgendorffer Daria and Quinn are rather resentful of each other, and are often in conflict due to their polarizing personalities. This animosity traces back to infancy.

How old was Quinn in Daria?

What does Daria mean in Russian?

kingly; the sea
The name Darya is girl’s name of Russian origin meaning “kingly; the sea”. The beguiling Darya is the name of a character in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. As a Russian name, it’s a spelling variation of Daria, while in Iran, it’s a girl’s name that means “the sea”.

What does Daria mean in English?

Daria is the female form of Darius, which is the Persian word for “sea.” Daria, meanwhile, means “maintains possessions well,” letting baby know to take care of their belongings. A second meaning, “wealthy,” opens up this ancient name to a sweeter association.

Is Trent and Jane siblings?

Trent Lane is a fictional character created for the MTV animated series Daria. He is the older brother of Jane Lane and former crush of Daria Morgendorffer.

Are Jane and Daria still friends?

They broke up by the end of the season, leaving Daria and Jane to fully get their friendship back on track. However great that was, the show was still over.

Who is Jodie Landon?

Jessica Cydnee Jackson
Jodie Landon is a fictional character from the MTV animated series Daria. She was voiced by Jessica Cydnee Jackson. In 2020, Comedy Central ordered a spinoff series, Jodie, which will depict the character as a Generation Z post-college graduate entering her first job at a tech company.

Who is the voice of Daria in MTV’s Daria?

This is a list of characters featured in MTV ‘s animated series Daria (1997–2002). Daria Morgendorffer (first appearance: Season 1, Episode 1, “Esteemsters”). Daria is voiced by Tracy Grandstaff.

Who is Jane Lane’s best friend in Daria?

Jane Lane (first appearance: Season 1, Episode 1, “Esteemsters”). Jane is voiced by Wendy Hoopes. Daria’s artistic best friend and fellow outcast, as well as the youngest of the five Lane siblings. Quinn Morgendorffer (first appearance: Season 1, Episode 1, “Esteemsters”). Quinn is voiced by Wendy Hoopes.

Who is Helen from Daria’s mom?

Helen is voiced by Wendy Hoopes. Daria and Quinn’s mother, a workaholic corporate attorney and the family’s principal wage earner. Jake Morgendorffer (first appearance: Season 1, Episode 1, “Esteemsters”). Jake is voiced by Julián Rebolledo.

Who is Quinn from Daria’s sister?

Quinn is voiced by Wendy Hoopes. Daria’s shallow, materialistic and vain younger sister who is one of the most popular girls in school. She is a member of Lawndale High School’s Fashion Club. Helen Morgendorffer (first appearance: Season 1, Episode 1, “Esteemsters”).