Who played Denzil in heartbeat?

Who played Denzil in heartbeat?

Leslie Phillips

Leslie Phillips CBE
Phillips at the Orange British Academy Film Awards in February 2007
Born Leslie Samuel Phillips 20 April 1924 Tottenham, London, England
Occupation Actor voice artist author
Years active 1934–2012

Who played Dolly Ford heartbeat?

Elizabeth Spriggs (18 September 1929 – 2 July 2008) was an English character actress….

Elizabeth Spriggs
Died 2 July 2008 (aged 78) Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Occupation Actress

Who played Marston in heartbeat?

Singer Roland Gift
Singer Roland Gift, from pop band Fine Young Cannibals, appeared in Heartbeat back in 1993 as private Ken Marston who goes on the run after believing he killed his senior officer. As well as being a singer, Roland, has appeared in a number of TV shows down the years.

Who played Richard Baxter in heartbeat?

Mark Frost is an English actor who has worked widely in both theatre and television….Filmography.

Year 2004
Title Heartbeat
Role Keith Jarvis
Notes Episode: “Little Angel”

Who played Ashfordly in heartbeat?

Lia Williams
Heartbeat (TV Series 1992–2010) – Lia Williams as Lady Ashfordly – IMDb.

Who played Lord Ashfordly?

Rupert Vansittart
Heartbeat (TV Series 1992–2010) – Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly – IMDb.

Who are the characters in Heartbeat?

Claude Jeremiah GreengrassBill MaynardJackie BradleyFiona DolmanPC Nick RowanNick BerryAlf VentressWilliam SimonsPC Phil BellamyMark JordonDavid StockwellDavid Lonsdale

Who played Ruby in Heartbeat?

Diane Langton
Heartbeat (TV Series 1992–2010) – Diane Langton as Ruby Rowan – IMDb.

Who played Ashfordly in Heartbeat?

What is Ray Crosby real name?

Mark FrostRay Crosby / Played by

Who is Mark Frost married to?


Mark Frost
Spouse Lynn
Children 1
Relatives Warren Frost (father) Scott Frost (brother) Lindsay Frost (sister) Lucas Giolito (nephew)

Who played Stuart Chivers in Heartbeat?

Stefan Podolchuk
Stefan Podolchuk as Stuart Chivers (1998–1999; 4 episodes) and brother of Trevor Chivers. Local delinquent boys.

Who played Mrs such in Heartbeat?

Christine Bottomley as Susie Ward (2002; 5 episodes).

Who played Lord Ashfordly in Heartbeat?

How old is Emma Vansittart?

About 65 years (1957)Emma Watson / Age

Who did Nick Berry marry?

Rachel RobertsonNick Berry / Spouse (m. 1994)