Who is Toppers owned by?

Who is Toppers owned by?

Toppers Pizza founder and president Scott Gittrich isn’t backing down.

How many Toppers Pizza locations are there?

There are Toppers Pizza franchises throughout the United States. The chain includes both company-owned locations and franchise stores. It has more than 65 locations in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Nebraska, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Wyoming.

How do I get a refund from Toppers?

Refund Policy on Food. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, we will replace or refund it. No annoying questions asked. Refunds are typically made in the same form as the original payment (i.e. cash, debit or credit card).

How long has Toppers Pizza been in business?

Our History Toppers is a locally owned and operated pizza restaurant company based in Ventura County, California. We have become the County’s favorite pizza with 10 locations offering family dining, group accommodations, and fast, efficient delivery service. Toppers was founded by Vim and Beth Jonker in 1990.

Does Jonathan Taylor own toppers?

In January 2020, he announced that he will forgo his senior season and enter the 2020 NFL Draft. Now, as Taylor looks ahead to his bright future in the NFL, he’s taking the skills he learned as an athlete into the business world as a franchisee of Toppers Pizza.

Where did Toppers start?

Champaign, ILToppers Pizza / Place founded

Do toppers gift cards expire?

Gift cards do not expire. The terms and conditions of the cards are governed by the laws of the state where the card is purchased.

How big is a Toppers small pizza?

Their smallest size is “MyZa”, a 9-inch personal pizza, and their largest size is called Party at 16 inches.

Where did Jonathan Taylor go to college?

University of Wisconsin-MadisonJonathan Taylor / School

What college team did Jonathan Taylor play for?

Jonathan Taylor (American football)

No. 28 – Indianapolis Colts
High school: Salem (NJ)
College: Wisconsin (2017–2019)
NFL Draft: 2020 / Round: 2 / Pick: 41
Career history

How much does is cost to own a Toppers?

Toppers Pizza is a pizza delivery restaurant franchise that opened its doors in 1991 and has since amassed 70 locations nationwide….Facts & Figures.

Liquid capital required $150,000
Net worth required $400,000
Investment $322,875 – $578,100
Franchise fee $30,000
Royalty 5.5%

What is Toppers Famous House Dip?

Famous House Dip: Canola oil, water, frozen egg yolk, dehydrated onion and garlic, white vinegar, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, salt, spices, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, dehydrated red bell peppers, calcium disodium EDTA.

How do you get free Topper sticks?

Toppers is also rewarding new Upper Crust Society members with a free order of Topperstix™ when they sign up for the program, and they are automatically entered to win free Topperstix™ for life. The program also has referral and birthday rewards for customers throughout the life of their membership.

What is a topper in clothing?

topper – a man’s hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur. dress hat, opera hat, silk hat, top hat, stovepipe, high hat, beaver.

How many calories are in a slice of Toppers Pizza?

190-390 cal
Toppers Classic (190-390 cal/slice)

How large is a large Toppers Pizza?

The average cost of a large, 14-inch pizza without toppings is under $15 with an order of TopperStix ranging from $8 to $9. Their signature house pizzas range from $10 to $20 depending on the size and the crust. Their smallest size is “MyZa”, a 9-inch personal pizza, and their largest size is called Party at 16 inches.

What is Jonathan Taylor’s salary?

Jonathan Taylor signed a 4 year, $7,829,150 contract with the Indianapolis Colts, including a $3,253,928 signing bonus, $4,219,798 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $1,957,288. In 2022, Taylor will earn a base salary of $1,321,741, while carrying a cap hit of $2,135,223 and a dead cap value of $1,626,964.

What kind of cheese does toppers use?

Wisconsin mozzarella cheese
Toppers Classic (190-390 cal/slice) Homemade pizza sauce topped with 100% real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, hand-pinched Italian sausage, onions, green peppers and mushrooms.

How do I get a job at Toppers?

Start Your Order! Order Online Work With Us! If you have what it takes to help us provide a great pizza experience, we would love to talk to you. The manager at each Toppers location hires their own crew. The best time to fill out an application is during the afternoons. Contact the store manager for information about available positions.

How do I contact Topper’s for help with reservations?

If you need immediate attention for reservations or other information, please phone our Call Center for assistance. If you would just like to give us some feedback, enter your message below. Gift Cards. A Great Pizza Experience! Available at All Topper’s Locations.

Why choose Toppers Pizza?

At Toppers Pizza we believe decisions about what goes into your pizza should be made in a kitchen, not a boardroom. In fact, we don’t just believe it, we live it. Those details begin with a friendly face, making dough fresh daily and insisting on real 100% real Wisconsin cheese.

Why don’t we stop when we order from toppers?

We don’t stop until we’ve double-checked every order and run them to the door so the food is still hot. Some place “corporate” might say we do this by sticking to a set of core values. Maybe so, but at Toppers, it’s just who we are.