When did THX 1138 come out?

When did THX 1138 come out?

March 11, 1971 (USA)THX 1138 / Release date

What year is THX 1138 set?

(The 1967 short film that Lucas made while at the University of Southern California in which he set forth a sort of proof of concept for the movie is set in 2187. It was entitled, with his usual talent for the succinct, Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB.) The future is sterile and cruel.

What does THX 1138 stand for?

George Lucas apparently named the film after his San Francisco telephone number, 849-1138, the letters THX correspond to letters found on the buttons 8, 4, and 9. Edit. Report This. The sounds of the police motorcycles are the sped-up sounds of women screaming together in a tiled bathroom. Edit.

Was CGI added to THX 1138?

In 2003, while preparing the release of THX 1138 for DVD, Lucas took the time re-visit his old movie. He (perhaps unsurprisingly) spent a great deal of that year re-editing the entire film, adding CGI detail and effects, and even shooting new footage.

Is THX 1138 in Star Wars same universe?

The DNA Of George Lucas’ First Two Movies Is Present In Every ‘Star Wars’ Film. George Lucas’ first two films, THX-1138 (1971) and American Graffiti (1973) couldn’t be more different.

What happens at the end of THX 1138?

In the film’s final act, THX finds himself imprisoned with other “deviants,” including the talented hacker SEN 5241 (Donald Pleasence), who has been sentenced for illegally manipulating the system to become THX’s roommate. His presence comes as no surprise.

Where was THX 1138 filmed?

San Francisco Bay area
The THX 1138 company traveled to no less than 22 locations in the San Francisco Bay area, filming in such places as the Oakland Coliseum, the San Francisco Pacific Gas and Electric Building, the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael and the various tunnels and tubes of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system.

Why was THX so loud?

Academy Award–winning sound designer Gary Rydstrom has explained that the Deep Note “just feels loud” because of the spectrum of frequencies it uses. Curiously, the THX Deep Note that everyone recognizes today was almost replaced with another sound.

Does THX still exist?

THX Ltd. is an American company founded in 1983 by George Lucas and headquartered in San Francisco, California….THX.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Lucasfilm (1983–2002) Creative Technology (2002–2016) Razer Inc. (2016–present)
Website thx.com

Is THX still relevant?

Even if you see movies in a non-THX-certified theater today, you still have THX to thank for the quality of picture and sound you experience because the company showed the world just how good the movie experience could be. Once it had, standards began to skyrocket across the board.

Why is 1138 a nerdy number?

1138 is a number that appears in products that are related to George Lucas and his works. This recurrent in-joke in George Lucas films and LucasArts computer games originates in Lucas’s short student film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, which was later reworked into his first theatrical release, THX 1138.

How does THX 1138 end?

What is George Lucas’s number?

George Lucas references. Filmmaker George Lucas places the number 1138 into many of his Lucasfilm productions and LucasArts games. It was first referenced in Lucas’ college short film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, later remade into the 1971 feature film THX 1138.

Does THX 1138 survive?

THX flees through a stark and deserted tunnel with two cops in hot pursuit. His skids and swerves leave a trail of destroyed barriers and scaffolding that send his pursuers flying. Both androids felled, THX continues on foot. Perhaps the presence of the feral Shell Dwellers tipped him off: the exit must be close.

What does 327 mean in Star Wars?

In A New Hope, the number of the docking bay used to hold the Millenium Falcon is 327. In The Empire Strikes Back, the number of the Cloud City landing platform used is also 327.

Why did they shoot Aayla Secura so much?

Secura cared deeply for her master, who was uniquely strong in the Force. Many theorists believe that she was also immensely powerful in the Force. If this was case, the reason for the clones gunning her down may have been to ensure that she wouldn’t get up to inflict massive damage with her abilities.

What is the ISBN number for THX 1138?

THX 1138 (The George Lucas Director’s Cut Two-Disc Special Edition) (DVD). USA: Warner Bros. ISBN 0-7907-6526-8. OCLC 56520465.

What is the director’s cut of THX-1138?

This digitally-enhanced Director’s Cut of “THX-1138” came out in 2004; and, to many longtime fans (who all pretty much agreed that Lucas was a narcissistic prick for digitally mutilating the original Star Wars trilogy), the digital mutilation of THX-1138 was an insult.

How long did it take George Lucas to make THX 1138?

The schedule was between 35 and 40 days, completing in November 1969. Lucas filmed THX 1138 in Techniscope.

Who are the actors in the movie THX 1138?

Produced by Francis Ford Coppola and written by Lucas and Walter Murch, it stars Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence . THX 1138 was developed from Lucas’s student film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, which he made in 1967 while attending the USC School of Cinematic Arts.