What is the length of a lunar caravan?

What is the length of a lunar caravan?

Overall length: 7.82m (25′ 8″) Bed sizes: front double 1.98m x 1.86m (6′ 6″ x 6′ 1″) or two singles 1.86m x 0.679m (6′ 1″ x 2′ 3″), rear bed 1.83m x 1.34m (6′ 0″ x 4′ 5″)

Are Lunar Caravans good?

So, are Lunar Caravans any good? As long as a caravan falls within your budget, meets your needs and is in safe working and habitable condition, you will have a wonderful experience caravanning with a Lunar.

What’s happening with Lunar Caravans?

Lunar have gone into administration. The administration is being handled by FRP Advisory. We spoke to FRP yesterday and they have confirmed that Lunar have ceased trading and that the staff have been made redundant.

What is the weight of a lunar Clubman?


Number of Berths 4
MRO 1320kg
Payload 155kg
MTPLM 1475kg
Optional Weight Upgrade 75kg

How much does a Lunar Lexon weigh?

Firstly, its 1430kg maximum weight makes it among the lightest for its length (7.26m drawbar to tail lights). Secondly, its bedroom is an island layout, so no-one has to climb over another sleeper.

Who made Lunar caravans?

Ken Wilcock and Brian Talbot had worked in the caravan business since the early 1960s, having served apprenticeships at Knowsley Caravans of Wigan. The company was renowned in the area for producing well built and keenly priced touring caravans.

Is Lunar Lexon a good caravan?

Verdict. The Lunar Lexon 590 has a bright interior, aided by that fantastic, long rooflight. The kitchen spec and storage are good, and the lounge is comfortable. It’s also got the best payload in its class, which will come in useful if you are migratory caravanners, preferring to spend your winters in warmer climes.

Can you still get spares for Lunar caravans?

Although, even if it is a used Lunar you have bought and it has been bought from a caravan dealership, you should have at least a 12 month warranty as standard. Next is getting hold of parts. Fortunately, most parts in Lunar caravans are used in other UK manufacturers and can easily get replacements for these.

Can you still buy parts for Lunar Caravans?

If you require parts for your caravan or motorhome, please contact your nearest Lunar dealer who will be able to help you source the item and provide a price. If your dealer can not supply the parts they may be able to advise of suitable stockists.

What is the top of the range Lunar caravan?

Their flagship is the Clubman and Delta ranges. Lunar offer different level of specification and luxury throughout their range starting off with the Lunar at the bottom end going through to the Alaria as it’s top end range.

Who made Lunar Caravans?

How long is a Lunar Lexon caravan?


Number of Berths 4
Interior Length 5.769m (18’11”)
Shipping Length 7.315m (24’0”)
Overall Width (includes high level markers) 2.326m (7’8”)
Maximum Headroom 1.958m (6’5”)

Who has bought Lunar caravan company?

Lunar Automotive
Great news to hear that Lunar Caravans has been acquired by a specialist engineering group who say they are driving forward its 2020 season plans. Trading under the new name of Lunar Automotive, the company has become part of MEWA, a South African specialist engineering group, founded by Cecil Marks.

Are Lunar caravan warranties still valid?

Yes, Lunar caravan warranties are still valid, but only for the models years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

When did lunar stop making caravans?

Following a difficult decision in 2011 to finally retire from touring, the family contacted us to see if we could provide a final home for their Saturn which had become a real part of the family.

Who makes the Windows for Lunar Caravans?

They also launched two campervans that are probably the UK’s largest and also smallest models. Windows fitted to Lunar caravans originate from Polyplastic and Plastoform. We carry the entire range of Plastoform front and side windows in stock for immediate despatch here.

Who now owns Lunar Caravans?

Can you still get spare parts for Lunar Caravans?

Can you still get parts for Lunar Caravans?