What is the frequency of Nilesat TV channels?

What is the frequency of Nilesat TV channels?

Nilesat 7.0°W TV Channels list new TP updated 05-02-2022 Nilesat 201 Satellite TV Channels Strong Frequency TP Eutelsat 7 West A with Nailsat LNB frequency channel list

What is Nilesat’s latest satellite?

Nilesat has signed a contract with French aerospace manufacturer Thales Alenia Space for the manufacture of its latest communications satellite Nilesat-301. NileSat CEO Ahmed Anis and Martin Van Schaik, Senior Vice President at Thales Alenia Space, inked the deal on 3/12/2019.

What does Nilesat do?

Nilesat provides various kinds of services to satisfy our customers and viewers. Our target is to maintain ethics & culture of our Arabic identity and African roots and to enrich the media broadcasting industry. Nilesat Future Ready

What will replace Nilesat 201?

Ahmed Anis, the CEO of The Egyptian Satellite Company Nilesat, announced the start of preparations to launch the company’s satellite (Nilesat 301) to replace Nilesat 201, whose lifetime ends in 2028.

What is Nilesat 201 satellite?

The Egyptian satellite company with the same name launched the Nilesat 201 satellite back in 2010 to replace the now-retired Nilesat 101, 102 and 103. The Nilesat 201 located at 7.0°W today broadcasts about 350 TV channels and 122 Radio channels with a large number of them being free.

What is Nilesat?

Nilesat operates multiple geosynchronous communications satellites all of which are stationed at 7 degrees West. The Nilesat satellites deliver more than 470 TV & 104 Audio Channels, including a wide variety of Egyptian, Arabic & International Channels – most of which are free-to-air.

What is the position of Nilesat 101?

Nilesat 101 Position is: 7.0°W. 1. Message on Facebook page for discussions, 2. Video lectures on Youtube 3. Email is only for Advertisement/business enquiries.

How many transponders does Nilesat 301 have?

And about the technical capabilities of the new satellite, Anis said that NileSat 301 has a lifetime of 15 years and weighs 4.1 tons, and will include 38 transponders compared to 26 transponders In the current satellite Nilesat 201. He added that the new satellite would expand the coverage.

How to use Nilesat 201 on satellite receiver?

Once the satellite dish is pointed in the direction of Nilesat 201 at 7.0°W, an auto-scan channel search) on the satellite receiver would automatically find and save all the TV and radio channels possible. You can configure your receiver to filter out the encrypted channels that require payment so you can focus on the free ones only.

What countries does Nilesat 201 cover?

The satellite is intended for North Africa and the Middle East. As a result, its Ku band beams are trained at those locations. In essence, Nilesat 201 covers the following countries fully or in part: