What is Jewellery in Italian?

What is Jewellery in Italian?

gioielli. More Italian words for jewelry. i gioielli noun. jewellery. la gioielleria noun.

What is the meaning of Guanto?

noun. glove [noun] a covering for the hand.

What is Jewellery called in Sanskrit?

Spoken Sanskrit

ମଣିରତ୍ନ maNiratna jewel
ମଣିରତ୍ନ maNiratna gem

How do you say gold in other languages?

In other languages gold

  1. American English: gold /ˈgoʊld/
  2. Arabic: ذَهَب
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: ouro.
  4. Chinese: 金
  5. Croatian: zlato.
  6. Czech: zlato.
  7. Danish: guld.
  8. Dutch: goud.

What is Diamond called in Sanskrit?

Vajra is the word for diamond and ayudham means weapon in Sanskrit.

How do you say gem in Sanskrit?

Meanings of GEM in Sanskrit

  1. रत्नम्
  2. उपल(m)

What is the Greek name of gold?

From Ancient Greek χρυσός (khrusós, “gold”) (already Mycenaean Greek 𐀓𐀬𐀰 (ku-ru-so)), Semitic loan, compare with Biblical Hebrew חָרוּץ‎ (ḥārûṣ), Akkadian 𒆬𒄀 (ḫurāṣum).

What is German for gold?

gold → golden, gülden, goldfarben.

What is Pearl called in Sanskrit?

अस्थि, मुक्ता a smooth lustrous round structure inside the shell of a clam or oyster; much valued as a jewel. Synonyms : मुक्ता.

What is gold called in Sanskrit?

Gold, when derived from Kanaka(Sanskrit: ‍कणक), Sanskrit word for gold.

What is diamond called in Sanskrit?

Who is god gold?

Chrysus (Greek: Χρυσός; Khrysos; meaning “gold”) in Greek mythology is a minor god and the personification of gold.

What is German for Orange?

the german word for orange is Apfelsine. Orange and Apfelsine are interchangeable .

What are the 3 G’s?

The 3 G’s – Gold, God, and Glory – Spain = Mexico & South America for silver and gold. England = North America for natural resources.

What is mango called in German?

Translation of mango in German

English German
the mango die Mango