What is a Sheltie mixed with?

What is a Sheltie mixed with?

The Golden Sheltie is a great dog who is an offspring to the Golden Retriever who was naturally bred for hunting. Golden Shelties combine the amazing personalities of both the Golden Retriever and Shetland Sheepdog.

Do Shelties make good house dogs?

Shetland sheepdogs or Shelties are known for their gentle and sweet personality. This popular family pet likes to keep busy, functions well in small homes and is content to lie around alone all day, but still needs to be exercised. Often mistakenly called miniature collies, the Shetland sheepdog is a distinct breed.

How much does a miniature Sheltie cost?

Prices range from $1750-4000 depending upon registration, sex, color and size. AKC Toy Shelties are usually $1850-4000; non-AKC are usually $1750-2000.

Does Sheltie shed?

Shelties have a long, dense, furry coat and shed heavily. Lots of people don’t realize just how much loose fur they’re letting themselves in for, and many Shelties are given up to rescue groups every year because they shed. Be sure that you and your vacuum cleaner can handle that much hair.

How big do Sheltie doodles get?

Sheltidoodle (Shetland Sheepdog & Poodle Mix)

Height: 14 – 19 inches
Weight: 40 – 50 pounds
Lifespan: 12 – 15 years
Colors: Black, brown, cream, gray, white
Suitable for: Families with large yards, families with kids

How long do Sheltie dogs live?

12 – 13 yearsSheltie / Life span

What do Sheltie doodles look like?

A Sheltidoodle might have a Poodle-like coat, or the coat might be more like the Shetland Sheepdog. Generally, the coat can be described as wavy, medium or long, thick, and coarse. If the coat is more like a Poodle’s, you should brush your dog daily, and a groomer should trim the fur every few weeks.

Do Shelties bark?

4. Shelties can be reserved with strangers, although not aggressive. They’re very protective of their family and quick to bark to let you know someone’s coming, which makes them good watchdogs. Speaking of barking, this is a vocal dog that likes to bark … a lot.

Are there mini Shelties?

1. True Mini Shelties Are Rare Because They’re Not an Official Dog Breed. Also known as Toy Shelties, Mini Shelties, and Miniature Shelties, these gorgeous little furballs are uncommon because they’re not actually an official AKC dog breed. Miniature Shelties are several inches shorter than standard Shelties.

What is the lifespan of a miniature Sheltie?

12 – 13 yearsSheltie / Life span
The Sheltie has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years and may be prone to minor concerns like patellar luxation, allergies, hypothyroidism, Legg-Perthes, canine hip dysplasia, hemophilia, trichiasis, cataract, Collie eye anomaly, and progressive retinal atrophy, or a major one like dermatomyositis.

Do Sheltie doodles shed?

As such, they shed a lot less than other breeds. Be aware that your Shetland Sheepdog and Poodle mix puppy could end up with a mixed colored coat or a plain coat. They may have low-shedding coats like a Poodle or a coat more like a Sheltie that will shed a lot more.

Do Sheltie Poodle shed?

Sheltidoodle (Shetland Sheepdog / Poodle mix breed dog) at 6 months old, bred by C and S Ranch— “The size of the Sheltiedoodle depends on what size parents are used. This puppy matured at about 35 lbs. Puppy buyers are reporting most of them to be low- to non-shedding. And their temperaments are very sweet and cuddly.