What is a Hymenal band?

What is a Hymenal band?

A septate hymen refers to a band of extra hymeneal tissue running vertically in the area of the normal hymen. A hymeneal septum may interfere with a woman’s ability to insert a tampon or she may find that she can insert the tampon but once it expands with blood, she cannot remove the tampon.

Does septate hymen affect pregnancy?

After a septate hymen is successfully removed or tears on its own, your daughter should have a normal sexual and reproductive life. If a septate hymen isn’t removed, it will create infertility or provide a form of natural contraception.

Do Hymenal tags go away on their own?

Yes, some hymenal tags can go away on their own. This is especially the case for hymenal tags that are present at birth. Most hymenal tags resolve by the time you are 3 years old.

Can you give birth with a septate hymen?

Re: Septate Hymen It is also very thin, so the idea it could in any way hurt you isn’t based in reality. It also can easily be moved to the side for a Pap smear, for tampon use, for sex, and yep, for childbirth.

What does a Hymenal ring look like?

If the hymen is intact, it may look like a thin disc covering the opening of the vagina or a doughnut-shaped ring around the vagina (hymenal ring). If the hymen isn’t fully covering the vaginal opening, it may look like a crescent or half-moon. Some hymens have small perforations or multiple openings.

How do you get rid of a septate hymen?

Hymenectomy — septate hymen surgery If the septate hymen tissue doesn’t tear naturally or through intercourse, the doctor might recommend a hymenectomy. A hymenectomy is a simple surgical procedure to remove the excess hymenal tissue from the vaginal opening.

What should I do if I have a septate hymen?

Your healthcare provider can diagnose and treat a septate hymen with a safe and effective surgery that removes extra tissue from your vagina. Most people who get treatment for a septate hymen can enjoy pain-free sex and use tampons regularly.

How can I stretch my Hymenal ring?

Place a finger into your vagina (you can slick it up first with lube) and apply pressure on the vaginal entrance by pressing downward toward the anus. Keep the pressure on for a few minutes, and then release it. Repeat this procedure several times, each time with a little more pressure.

How common are hymen tags?

Hymenal tags are extremely common — most women aren’t even aware they have them. Tags usually don’t cause any symptoms, but when they do, it’s usually in form of mild swelling or light bleeding. This typically results from the tag getting caught or torn during intercourse or other physical activity.

Why do I have a septate hymen?

A septate hymen is a congenital disorder, meaning it is present at birth. It occurs when the hymen membrane does not form properly during development of the fetus. The cause of this abnormal development is not yet known.

How long do Hymenal tags last?

Vaginal Tags. The hymen can be swollen due to maternal estrogen. It can have smooth ½ inch (12 mm) projections of pink tissue. These normal vaginal (hymenal) tags occur in 10 percent of newborn girls. They slowly shrink over 2 to 4 weeks.

What does septate hymen look like?

A septate hymen is when the hymen encircles the vaginal opening and has an additional string of tissue that connects the top and bottom ends of the vagina. A septate hymen makes it look like there are two vaginal openings, but there is only one that is partially obstructed down the middle.

Is septate hymen normal?

Septate hymens affect about 1 in every 1,000 girls. Most people don’t realize that they have a septate hymen until they begin menstruating or try to have sex. With a septate hymen, it may be difficult to insert or remove a tampon because the vaginal opening is partially blocked.

Does stretching the hymen hurt?

However, your hymen naturally wears down over time. It typically develops openings that allow for penetration long before your first sexual experience. And while stretching or tearing your hymen as a result of any activity — sexual or otherwise — can hurt, most people won’t feel it happen at all.

How does a hymen look like?

Is a septate hymen normal?

How common are Hymenal tags?

Where is the Hymenal ring?

Your hymen is located toward the bottom side of the opening of your vagina. The hymen can also be called a hymenal ring if it encircles the outer walls of the vaginal opening. Hymens can have many shapes and forms.

What do I do if I have a septate hymen?

What are septate hymen care options? Often no treatment is required as the hymen may be torn with insertion of a tampon or with sexual intercourse. A minor surgical procedure can be used to remove the extra tissue if needed.

Is a septate hymen rare?

What are the congenital abnormalities of the hymen?

Congenital Anomalies of the Hymen 1 Imperforate Hymen. When no hymenal opening is present, a membrane covers the area of the hymen and this is called an imperforate hymen. 2 Microperforate Hymen. A microperforate hymen is essentially an imperforate hymen with a very small hole within it. 3 Septate Hymen.

What is a hymenal tag?

The hymen is a thin membrane that covers the opening to the vagina. Hymenal tags are outgrowths of extra hymen tissue. These tags usually stick off the edge of the hymen.

What is hymenal ring tissue used for?

Hymenal ring tissue may be used for reconstruction of the hymen in a hymenorrhaphy/hymenoplasty where an intact hymen is important as a marker of ‘virginity’. It should never be stitched into, as it could cause extreme pain. Read more about the hymen here.

What is the normal shape of the hymen during pregnancy?

Because of hormones during pregnancy, the hymen remains thick and may protrude for the first two to four years of a child’s life. By age four, the hymen usually becomes thinner and smoother. The hymen can take several possible shapes at birth. A cribriform hymen is a hymen that is perforated with many small holes.