What are the 10 codes for North Carolina?

What are the 10 codes for North Carolina?

Police Radio Ten Codes

  • 10-0 Use Caution.
  • 10-1 Weak Signal.
  • 10-2 Good Signal.
  • 10-3 Stop Transmitting.
  • 10-4 Affirmative.
  • 10-5 Relay to/from.
  • 10-6 Busy.
  • 10-7 Out of Service.

Who is Ncshp Colonel?

Commander, State Highway Patrol.

What is police signal 11?

11-60 Attack in high hazard area. 11-65 Signal light out. 11-66 Defective signal light. 11-78 Aircraft accident. 11-79 Accident – Ambulance sent.

What is a 10/22 police code?

10-22 Disregard the last assignment. 10-22c Leave area if all secure. 10-23 Standby. 10-24 Request car-to-car transmission.

What is a 10 7 police code?

Out of Service
Police 10 Codes

Code General Purpose APCO (Association of Police Communications Officers)
10-6 Busy – Unless Urgent Busy
10-7 Out of Service Out of Service
10-8 In Service In Service
10-9 Repeat Say Again

What is a master trooper in NC?

HIGHWAY PATROL TROOPER (MASTER) DESCRIPTION OF WORK. This is work in the enforcement of motor vehicle laws on the public streets and highways in the State. . Employees patrol roads within an assigned district to detect vehicle moving violations and take enforcement action.

How many state troopers are there in North Carolina?

The State Highway Patrol has more than 1,600 troopers who cover nearly 80,000 miles of North Carolina roadways, more than any other state except Texas.

What does code 7 mean?

In police jargon, “Code 7″ means “taking a lunch break.” But Hill’s Code 7 restaurant is on an extended break. The 1st Street eatery, patronized by cops, politicians and reporters, has gone out of business.

What is a 1013 in police code?

Code of Ethics. The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, as stated in PAM Section C-3, shall be administered to all peace officer trainees during the basic course and to all other persons at the time of appointment.

What does a Code 7 mean?

What does 10-7 mean on the radio?

Out of service
Radio Signal Codes — “10 Codes”

Code 0 Employee’s residence Code 11
10-7 Out of service 10-50
10-8 In service 10-52
10-9 Repeat message 10-53
10-10 Available for calls 10-55

How hard is the NC Highway Patrol Academy?

The North Carolina Highway Patrol has experienced a cadet attrition rate of 27% at its basic training academy. The majority of these cadets leave within the first two weeks. Each cadet who leaves the academy costs the taxpayers of North Carolina $15,000.

How much money do NC state troopers make?

$46,970 a year
How much does a State Trooper make in North Carolina? As of May 26, 2022, the average annual pay for a State Trooper in North Carolina is $46,970 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $22.58 an hour. This is the equivalent of $903/week or $3,914/month.

How much do NC state troopers make?

The average salary for a state trooper in North Carolina is $62,500 per year. State trooper salaries in North Carolina can vary between $39,000 to $90,000 and depend on various factors, including skills, experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.

Which country code is 7?

Telephone numbers in Russia are under a unified numbering plan with Kazakhstan, both of which share the international code +7.

How long can you be held on a 1013 in Georgia?

1013 Good for 48 hrs. Must be examined by M.D. *Georgia Law permits 1013/2013 to be signed by MD, Psychologist, LCSW, APRN [CNS].

What is a 10-7 in police language?

Often when an officer retires, a call to dispatch is made. The officer gives a 10-7 code (Out of service) and then a 10-42 code (ending tour of duty).