What are retractors used for in surgery?

What are retractors used for in surgery?

In varying forms, retractors are used to hold an incision open, hold back tissues or other objects to maintain a clear surgical field, or reach other structures. They can either be hand-held or self-retaining via a ratcheting mechanism.

What is a green retractor used for?

Green Retractor Fenestrated 8.75″: Green Retractor is a handheld, single end retractor most commonly used in thyroidectomy and other procedures in the neck. It has a strongly curved, smooth, fenestrated blade. It also has a teardrop fenestrated handle.

What are Balfour retractors used for?

Sklar’s® Balfour Abdominal Retractor is a self-retaining retractor used in laparotomy procedures. It may also be used for specific abdominal procedures where the abdomen needs to be held open for examination or evaluation, such as cesarean sections and bowel resection.

What are the types of retractors?

There are two broad categories of retractors:

  • Hand Retractors – (Manual) must be held by an assistant, a robot or the surgeon during a procedure.
  • Self Retaining Retractors – (Stay open on their own) have a screw, ratchet or some type of clamp to hold the tissue by itself.

How many retractors are there?

There are two broad categories of retractors: 1. Hand Retractors – (Manual) must be held by an assistant, a robot or the surgeon during a procedure. 2.

What is a Harrington retractor?

Novo Surgical Harrington Splanchnic Retractor features a long, flexible blade that contains a slightly heart-shaped end. Primarily designed to retract the liver or intestines, the purpose of this style is to help reduce the possibility of damage to these organs.

What is a Richardson retractor?

Richardson Retractor is a 9-1/2″ long retractor that can be used during procedures, such as chest or abdominal, to grasp soft tissue using the curved blade. Several widths and depths of the blade are available in order to suit the different surgical needs.

How many pieces is a Balfour retractor?

It consists of the following parts; Two broad, curved-outward blades: pushed apart to hold the incision. They can be equipped with a regular spread of 7inches or an extended spread of 10 inches, solid or fenestrated blades….Specifications.

Brand: Jarit®
Spread/Open (mm): 176
Therapeutic Specialty: General Operating

What is an Austin retractor?

Austin Retractor without handle, used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips and tongue away from the surgical area.

What is Doyen’s retractor?

The Doyen Retractor is a broad based retractor used to pull back soft tissues and widen the surgical field. This is useful in laparotomies and pelvic surgeries like abdominal hysterectomy and caesarean section, as well asretractionsof the urinary bladder. The retractor has an overall length of 28 cm.

What is Langenbeck retractor?

Langenbeck Retractor is a very popular surgical device that allows surgeons to pull back soft tissues and incision or wound edges during a wide range of general surgeries. Versatile L-Shaped tip for retracting wide slices of tissue. Terminal downward curve for protecting surrounding structures.

What is Doyen retractor?

Doyen Retractor is a handheld retractor used primarily in abdominal OB/GYN procedures such as abdominal hysterectomies, cesarean section deliveries, and procedures for ectopic pregnancies. This particular retractor features a 90 degree angled, blunt, 1-3/4″ wide blade.