What are EM-1 microbes?

What are EM-1 microbes?

EM-1 (Effective Microorganisms) Microbial Inoculant converts organic matter into soil humus and improves soil structure by producing high levels of polysaccharides, beneficial enzymes and organic acids. The end product is amended soil that is better able to absorb and retain moisture, as well as cycle nutrients.

What is EM fertilizer?

EM is a sustainable microbial inoculant that achieves synergistic effects by combining beneficial microorganisms which exist in nature. EM activates local and native microorganisms that live in soil and water to boost performance.

Can you drink em 1?

We don’t recommend consuming our EM1 products orally. While some of the probiotics in it could certainly be considered beneficial, there are other probiotics there that are not suitable for consumption.

How do you use molasses and EM?


  1. Pour the water into a measuring cup.
  2. Add molasses. Mix well.
  3. Add in EM•1®.
  4. Pour all contents into the plastic bottle.
  5. Keep the bottle tightly closed and leave in a warm place (20 – 40⁰C) for 7 – 10 days.
  6. Loosen the cap a few times over the 10 days to release pent-up gas.
  7. Store in a cool dark place.

How effective is EM1?

EM. 1 is 100% safe, effective and earth friendly. EM. 1 is produced under the license of EMRO Japan….

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What is the difference between EM and EM1?

EM1 is the solution required for the production of EMAS (EM Activated Solution). EM1 is activated so that you can make approximately 20 times the original amount and is often done purely for economical reasons. Activation does not change how EMAS performs in any way. However, EMAS cannot store as long as EM1.

How do you use EM1 for plants?

Soil and Plant Drench: Add 10ml EM1 to a 10 litre watering can, thoroughly wet soil and plants (apply to 10m2 of the garden). Foliar application for maintaining plant health: dilute EM1 Garden at 1/100 with water, spray weekly during important growth stages and during stress periods.

Can you drink EM1?

Is EM a probiotic?

EM Animal is a proprietary combination of natural microorganisms designed to improve the health and vitality of stock. EM Animal is an innovative animal probiotic which is based around our core EM product and then given an additional boast of beneficial bacteria.

How do you use EM1 to clean?

EM1 for cleaning surfaces and living spaces The same 1:20 EM1 solution can be used for cleaning kitchen, bathroom, other rooms and furniture. Wipe with a cloth damp in EM1 and then spray to finish it off. For cleaning stone, tile or wood floors you can pour a solution 1:500 and wipe, or just let it dry.

How do you mix molasses and EM1?

Does EM1 need to be activated?

EM-1® microbial products can be grown one time for economical purposes. This “growing” or “brewing” process is called Activation. Activation involves taking one part EM-1®, 1 part molasses, and 20 parts water.

How do you use EM 1 in Bokashi?

How To Use EM Bokashi

  1. Use our Bokashi Organko Compost Buckets or our food waste recycling buckets.
  2. Sprinkle a layer of EM Bokashi into the compost bin and then over every layer of fresh food wastes to speed up the fermentation process.

How effective is em1?

What should EM1 smell like?

ACTIVATED EM•1® RECIPE 3: Activated EM•1® is ready to use from the 4th to the 7th day, when the pH of the solution is between 3.2-3.6, or when it has a pleasant bittersweet smell and the color changes from dark brown. to orange-brown.

Is EM1 a probiotic?

PRO EM-1® is an all natural, powerful probiotic that is all about supporting digestion, healthy gut function and a stronger immune system. PRO EM-1® is a naturally fermented probiotic that was developed by world renowned Japanese scientist, Dr Higa.

Is EM1 safe for human consumption?

What is an EM-1?

The B&O’s EM-1 class was known as the Yellowstone design, which were first put into service on the Northern Pacific in 1928. The NP wanted a powerful articulated that could not only move heavy freights through the Northern Plains of the Dakotas but also at relatively quickly.

What is EM1 Microbial inoculant?

EM-1 Microbial Inoculant is a safe probiotic for all plants, soils, cut flowers, fish ponds, composting, and deodorizing. FREE SHIPPING on all EM 1 Microbial Inoculant!

How much EM1 do you put on plants?

Add 1oz to 1 gallon of water and water indoor and outdoor plants weekly. 100% organic, odor free and is safe for humans, animals and the environment. Try EM-1® today. EM-1® Microbial Inoculant, Concentrate. “I have been using EM•1® for almost a decade to benefit my plants… works wonderfully every time!”

What is the history of the B&O EM-1?

The B&O’s EM-1 class was known as the Yellowstone design, which were first put into service on the Northern Pacific in 1928.