Is Kite Azure kite?

Is Kite Azure kite?

Azure Flame Kite (蒼炎のカイト, Sōen no Kaito) is one of the Three Azure Knights. He has also been called Tri-Edge….Azure Flame Kite.

Azure Kite
The World Information
Class Twin Blade
Race Human
Gender AI Male

Who is tri edge in Hack GU?

Azure Flame Kite (蒼炎のカイト, Sōen no Kaito) is one of the Three Azure Knights. He has also been called Tri-Edge.

How old is Haseo?


Age 17 (.hack//Roots) 18-19 (.hack//G.U. Last Recode)
Gender Male
Occupation Sophomore Student (2017) NAB (2018)
Media Information

Does haseo save Shino?

Haseo arrived soon after, just as she was falling to the ground, dying. Despite his efforts to save her, Shino was killed and fell into a coma in the real world, becoming a Lost One.

How old is Atoli?


Age 16
Gender Female
Relationships Yoshio Kusaka (Father) Peaco (2nd Character)
Occupation Student

How did kite get the gift of Helba?

The arrival of Tsukasa and several other SIGN characters interrupts them, and in the ensuing conversation Kite realizes that he can reach Helba’s field via Gate Hacking. The “Gift” was a reference to the bracelet given to him by Aura. Things are interrupted when the field suddenly crashes.

What is kite’s relationship with Haseo like?

He shows great animosity towards anyone who gets more attention than himself, and often does whatever he can to bring that person down in any way possible. Kite has a very unpleasant relationship with Haseo especially, largely due to Haseo’s taking the role of main character.

Why does kite assume Balmung is responsible for the death of Helba?

Since Balmung was near the corpse Kite assumes that he was responsible, and that he took Helba’s words banning role-playing as an excuse to indulge in long suppressed PKing urges.

How did kite get the Twilight Bracelet?

The presence of the obviously hacked monster caused the Book of Twilight to activate, transforming Kite’s costume and granting him access to the Twilight Bracelet, an object retaining two special abilities: Data Drain, the ability to alter data in The World, and Gate Hacking, which allowed him to break through barriers set up inside of the system.