How much does a Bell Helicopter cost?

How much does a Bell Helicopter cost?

The price of a Bell helicopter on the pre-owned market will depend on its age, size and maintenance condition. For example, a 2016-model Bell 206 L4 LongRanger costs $1.9m, whereas a much larger 2016-model Bell 429 costs $5.7m, according to Aircraft Bluebook’s Spring 2022 data.

How far can a Bell 47 fly?

The Bell 47 (model D-1) made history 60 years ago. On September 17th 1952, the pilot Elton J. Smith broke the distance record for piston-engined helicopters flying a total of 1,958.8km between Hurst, Texas and Buffulo, New York. Incredibly, the record still stands today and may never be broken.

Do they still make the Bell 47 helicopter?

The Bell 47G-4 is a three-seat configuration helicopter powered by an Avco Lycoming VO-540 engine. The Bell 47G-5 is an agriculture version earlier known as Ag-5. It includes a cockpit with two side-by-side seats. The production of these helicopters was stopped in 1973.

How much is a new Bell 505 helicopter?

The Bell 505 costs between $1.2m (2016 model) and $1.72m according to JETNET data published in Winter 2021. The value of a Bell 505 can vary – even between two aircraft with the same year of manufacture.

How much does a Hughes 500 helicopter cost?

MD Helicopters MD 500E Specs

Price New $1.9M
Year Started 1983
Year Ended In Production
Pilots Required 1

How much does a Bell 505 cost?

What engine does a Bell 47 have?

Reciprocating engineBell 47 / Engine type

Introduced in 1949, it had an open tubework tail boom reminiscent of the Bell Model 30 and three seats. Powered by a 200 hp (150 kW) Franklin 6V4-200-C32 engine.

Did mash use real helicopters?

The shots of the helicopters in flight were unused leftover footage from the 1970 MASH film. Those particular aircraft — the dragonfly-like body with the bulbous glass cockpit and bare metal tail boom — were Bell H-13 Sioux helicopters.

What does the military do with old helicopters?

Some U.S. military organizations, including certain U.S. military museums, are permitted to directly trade or sell military helicopters that have been declared as excess inventory.

How much is a Bell 429 helicopter?

Bell 429 Specs

Price New $6.4M
Year Started 2010
Year Ended In Production
Pilots Required 2

How much is a Bell 427?

Bell 427 Specs

Price New $4.3M
Year Started 2000
Year Ended 2011
Pilots Required 1

How long can a Huey fly?

Primary function Utility helicopter
Maximum takeoff weight 10,500 pounds (4,767 kilograms)
Range 172 nautical miles (197.8 miles)
Crew Officer: 2 Enlisted: 2

How many helicopters were used in mash?

It was based on the third Bell 30 prototype, which was the company’s first helicopter designed by Arthur M. Young. The 47 became the first helicopter certified for civilian use on 8 March 1946….

Bell 47
Manufacturer Bell Aircraft Bell Helicopter
Designer Arthur M. Young
First flight December 8, 1945
Introduction 1946

Who owns Bell Textron?

TextronBell Textron / Parent organization

Can you buy a military helicopter?

Yes it is possible to buy old military aircraft; they are frequently listed in the pages of aircraft sales periodicals like Controller, Trade-A-Plane, Barnstormers, etc.