How many different Chao are there?

How many different Chao are there?

There are three types of Chaos Chao: “Light Chaos”, “Hero Chaos” and “Dark Chaos”. To get a Hero Chaos or a Dark Chaos, the player should give them one animal from either the Hero or Dark characters respectively, and that all of their stats are around equal.

How many Chao can you have?

You can only have a maximum of 8 Chao in each garden. If you have more than this, Chao will leave and go to a garden with free space. If you have a full garden on Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast, you will be unable to remove a Chao from the VMU to that garden.

Is chaos A Chao?

Chaos is a mutated Chao, who possessed high intelligence and abilities that far exceed the others. It is a powerful and mysterious higher being. Although Dr. Eggman referred to it as “The God of Destruction”, it actually has a gentle personality.

Who is Dark Chao?

A Dark Chao in Sonic X. In the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics, the Dark Chao were a unique breed of Chao created by Dr. Eggman who had the ability to turn into their dark forms when exposed to a radio signal.

Is Tikal related to knuckles?

They are not related.

Why is my Chao turning green?

Neutral Chao A Neutral Child Chao is light blue with a pointy tip at the top of its head. It has yellow markings on its head, hands, and feet, which turn green as it grows close to evolution.

How old is Tikal the echidna?

Appearance. Tikal was once an orange-furred anthropomorphic echidna girl with turquoise eyes, physically 14-years old at the time of her demise.

How do you make a cool Chao?

Purchase two Heart fruits from the Black Market, and make each Chao eat a whole Heart Fruit. Once Flowers start to bloom around your Chao, they’re in mating season. Put one Chao near the other, and they hopefully will mate.

How do you breed a two-tone Chao?

Two-tone Chao are harder to obtain than Mono-tone Chao because they cannot be bought. Instead, you need to breed for them. An easy way to do this is to buy the matching Mono-tone Chao from the Black Market, and then breed it with one of your starter Chao. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a Two-tone version of that colour.

Do Knuckles like Rouge?

Knuckles even calls Rouge a “thief” and shows an amount of annoyance yet some attraction and careness for her like Batman with Catwoman. Speaking of Catwoman, Rouge also flirts a lot with Knuckles like Catwoman flirts with Batman.

What do the colors mean on a Chao?

Red Chaos Drives indicate the Power stat, green for Run, purple for Flying and yellow for Swimming. If all of these stats are kept equal by the time a Chao grows to its adult phase, its appearance will be mostly unaltered and will have only increased slightly in size. Its yellow highlights may also turn green.

What is a Chao in Sonic the Hedgehog?

Chao are small, cute creatures that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. They made their first appearance in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, serving as both a plot device and as a form of virtual pet for the player. They have made numerous appearances in other Sonic games since then, usually as background characters.

How do you turn infant Chao into Dark Chao?

Infant Chao will grow into Dark Chao if they are raised by Dark characters (such as Shadow) or abused by Hero characters (such as Sonic). Their bodies turn black with red highlights, their eyes turn blue with white pupils and their floating baubles become spikey.