How far should the strings be from the fingerboard cello?

How far should the strings be from the fingerboard cello?

Lay your instrument flat with the bass side toward you and place the ruler against the inside of the upper string half a centimeter in from the end of the fingerboard. The proper measurement at the middle of the upper string is 3.5 mm for a violin, 4.5 for a viola, and 5.5 for a cello.

What is the radius of a cello fingerboard?


CELLO mm. 1/2 3/4
fingerboard radius
length 510 550
width at nut 29 30
width at bridge end 59 60

Which side of a cello bridge is higher?

The straight side of the bridge should be placed towards the tailpiece, while the curved side is towards the fingerboard. The feet of the bridge are then placed directly between the two notches on the F-holes. The top of the bridge is tilted upwards towards the strings.

Is the cello low or high?

The cello reaches the lowest pitch in the traditional string quartet and is capable of covering nearly the entire range of pitches produced by the human voice. In the upper register, many cellos may be said to have a “tenor-like” timbre. The lowest possible pitch, when tuned in C2-G2-D3-A3 (lowest to highest), is C2.

How do you adjust the string height on a cello?

String heights are the distance between the strings and the top of the fingerboard measured at the end….Heights.

Correct Standard String Heights (4/4 size, gut/standard)
Viola (A) 4.2 – 5.5mm (C) 6.0 – 6.5mm
Cello (A) 5.0 – 5.5mm (C) 8.0 – 8.5mm

How thick should a cello bridge be?

The Thickness of the bridge determines the sound Not often mentioned, but ivery important for the quality of sound is the thickness of the bridge. Roughly speaking the thickness at the feet is around 4.5mm and at the top 1.2mm.

How tall is a cello bridge?

Length at feet: 3.56″; height at center: 4.44″.

What is a Romberg fingerboard?

The Romberg (the flat section of the fingerboard beneath the C string) has also evolved to provide security to the left hand on the C string.

How do I stop my cello bridge from warping?

Keep an eye on your bridge to prevent warping like this….

  1. Lubricate the string grooves.
  2. Straighten your bridge regularly to stop it warping.
  3. Bridge straightening techniques.
  4. Use a bridge gauge.
  5. Watch out for splayed bridge feet.
  6. String groove maintenance.
  7. Keep your old bridges.

Where do you put the bridge on a cello?

The bridge is evenly lined up with the fingerboard, and stands straight up, perpendicular to the cello. The feet of the bridge should be aligned with the interior notches of the F-holes. The lower side of the bridge should be placed under the A string (the string with the highest pitch).

How tall is a 4 4 cello bridge?

Why are violin fingerboards made of ebony?

A violin (and viola and cello) fingerboard is almost always made of ebony. This is because ebony is strong enough to withstand most playing, has the right amount of stiffness and flexibility, and has excellent acoustic properties.

What is the top of a cello called?

Pegbox: The pegbox is at the top of the cello’s neck. Purfling: The purfling is a border around the edge of the top of the cello and the back of the cello. Ribs: The sides of the cello are known as ribs. Scroll: A cello scroll is a decorative piece of curvy wood at the top of the pegbox.

How often should you replace a cello bridge?

A good bridge can last indefinitely but it does need constant care and attention from the player to stay in optimal condition. There are three cello bridge care issues to be aware of: warping of the bridge head, splaying of the legs and cutting of the strings into the string grooves. A good start in life.

Are My Strings too high above the fingerboard?

I forget what the numbers should be, but your strings are too high above the end of the fingerboard. There are two other things that should be checked and, if necessary, corrected to achieve comfortable string heights above the entire fingerboard: 1. String heights at the nut, and 2. Lengthwise fingerboard relief. More sharing options…

How high should a string be on an Engelhardt?

I measured string heights from the end of the fingerboard to the string. From what I have read, A string should typically be around 5 – 5.5mm. Is there a common census on this? Thanks! More sharing options… Your Engelhardt should be fine for starting out on once it is properly adjusted.

How do you measure the length of a violin string?

The proper measurement at the middle of the upper string is 3.5 mm for a violin, 4.5 for a viola, and 5.5 for a cello. To check the lower string, you place the ruler against the outside of the string, again half a centimeter in from the end. The proper measurement at the middle of the string is 5.5 for a violin,…

How do I know if my violin strings are too low?

A repair person will check not only the string height, but also the scoop in the fingerboard—the slight hollowing from one end to the other. A fingerboard with very little scoop will give the feeling of low action even when the strings measure the proper height.