How do you get a zero beat in JSRF?

How do you get a zero beat in JSRF?

Zero Beat can be unlocked as a playable character by completing the Shibuya Terminal Test Runs with a Jet Ranking.

What does JSRF stand for?

JSRF Meaning

2 JSRF Jet Set Radio Future Radio, Jet, Future
1 JSRF Jesus Saves Revival Fire

What is G stamina JSRF?

G-Stamina: this determines how many sprays does it take for you to lose in a taggers tag (the lower, the fastest you die) Spray: how many cans you can carry. Graffiti: the rate in which you tag a graffiti (the higher, the fastest)

Who is the best character in Jet Set Radio Future?

Jet Set Radio’s 5 Best Characters, Ranked

  • Beat. Beat is the main protagonist of both Jet Set Radio and appears again in Jet Set Radio Future.
  • Goji Rokkaku. Goji Rokkaku, in contrast to Beat, is the main antagonist of both Jet Set Radio games.
  • Combo.
  • Tab/Corn.
  • Cube.

How old is yoyo from Jsrf?

16 year old
Yo-Yo (ヨーヨー) is a 16 year old Rudie living in Tokyo-to. He is a playable character and member of the GG’s in Jet Set Radio.

How old is gum Jet Set Radio Future?

17 year-old
Gum (ガム, Gamu) is a 17 year-old Rudie living in Tokyo-to. She is the one of the main playable characters and overall deuteragonist in the Jet Set Radio series. She, alongside Corn and Beat, is an original member of the GG’s, along with being a loyal friend to her allies. Gum has a counterpart in Jet Set Radio Future.

How long does it take to beat Jsrf?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 38 11h 16m
Main + Extras 23 14h 56m
Completionists 12 30h 44m
All PlayStyles 73 15h 37m

How can I make my Jet Set Radio faster?

You can hold the right trigger down from a standing start to make your skater quickly accelerate.

Is Jsrf a sequel?

Jet Set Radio Future (Or “JSRF”) is the sequel to Jet Set Radio (also known as Jet Grind Radio in America), and a sort of re-imagining of that game.

How do you unlock Rhyth in Jsrf?

Role in Jet Set Radio Future When spoken to, she’ll challenge the player to a game of hide and seek across Rokkaku-dai Heights. Once she is found twice, she’ll join the GG’s and become playable.

Who is the main character in Jsrf?

Beat is the main protagonist of the Jet Set Radio franchise and is one of the three main mascots of the series, alongside Gum and Professor K. He is a Rudie from Tokyo-To and the original founder of The GGs who ran away from home to pursue his gangster lifestyle.

How long is JSRF?

How do you spray a Jet Set Radio?

Jet Set Radio Small tags require 1 can, while large require 3 cans and extra-large require 7 cans. For single-spray graffiti, pressing the graffiti control when next to a tag will automatically spray. All single tags are worth 500 points.

How long is Jsrf?

How old is beat JSR?

17 year old
Game Appearances Beat (ビート, Biito) is a 17 year old Rudie living in Tokyo-to as a member and founder of the GG’s. He is a playable character and overall protagonist in the Jet Set Radio series, as well as the games mascot.

What kind of Guy is beat from jsrf?

The Japanese JSRF manual calls him “enigmatic” and states he’s an overconfident kind of guy who doesn’t care for trivialities. Beat looks similar to his Jet Set Radio counterpart in Jet Set Radio Future, donning a yellow shirt and black pants.

What is the meaning of zero beat?

Definition of zero beat. : a condition in which two radio frequencies are adjusted to equality by first producing beats between them and then reducing the beat frequency to zero — compare heterodyne.

Who is beat in Jet Set Radio future?

Beat (ビート, Biito) is one of the Rudies living in Tokyo. He is a member of the GG’s, and a playable character in Jet Set Radio Future. He can be considered the game’s mascot, as he is featured prominently on the boxart.

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