How do I install a camera to my Airvision system?

How do I install a camera to my Airvision system?; the airVision auto management feature should automatically detect and install your new camera. • Go to the airVision interface to verify the camera is installed. It should appear on the left under Unplaced Cameras. • Drag the Camera to the appropriate location on the map. • Click the Camera icon.

What are the system requirements for unifi video and Ubiquiti cameras?

For UVCs and UVC-G3s, firmware v3.2 or newer is required. A 3rd party program that supports RTSP is required. For best results configure the client device to prioritize TCP connections via RTP over RTSP. In the current versions of UniFi Video and Ubiquiti cameras, there are three supported configurations:

Can I install the Aircam in an outdoor environment?

If the airCam is located in a completely open outdoor environment without an overhang/eave, do not install camera with a downtilt of more than 45°. 45 ° Celing Mount Wall-Mount

How do I mount My Aircam to my Network?

Insert the Sealinto the bottom of the camera and wrap the Seal around the Ethernet cable. Reconnect the Ethernet Doorto the airCam, leaving the Ethernet cable fed through the seal at the bottom of the camera. 4. Insert the Mounting Bracketinto the Mounting Slotsuntil a click is heard to confirm a secure connection.

What is the Aircam?

The AirCam is a twin-engine open cockpit experimental amateur-built aircraft designed and engineered with safety, visibility, and versatility in mind. Experience flying like never before, and prepare to be amazed.

What is the Quick Start Guide for Aircam?

This Quick Start Guide is designed to guide you through the installation of the airCam and show you how to access the airCam’s configuration interface. This Quick Start Guide also includes the warranty terms.

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