Do you play as lightning in ff13 2?

Do you play as lightning in ff13 2?

Lightning is briefly a playable character in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 prologue, but after that, her playable forms are in the DLC for the game.

What does AF mean in ff13 2?

After Fall
Square Enix explain that “AF” stands for “After Fall” — as in, the fall of Cocoon, since Final Fantasy XIII-2 takes place after that event.

Does ff13 2 have new game plus?

FFXIII-2 will have ‘New Game Plus’ mode, offers bonuses for FFXIII save file.

Can I play lightning returns?

Yeah you can play Lightning Returns without playing the first two. But to be frank Lightning Returns isn’t as good, its almost like playing a single player MMORPG. The side questing is pretty annoying. The first one is the best in my opinion.

Is there NG+ ff13?

Yes LR has NG+. In NG+ you can also choose hard mode for the first time, which I would recommend to anyone. Originally posted by ishiki: Lightning returns will give you a costume for having a XIII-2 save, and a costume for having a XIII save.

What legendary creature was found in a block of ice on Gran Pulse?


Question Answer Button
What is the tonberry incapable of doing? Intimidating foes with its horns /
What is used in the creation of various signs in Academia? Holography /
What legendary creature was found in a block of ice on Gran Pulse? Valigarmanda /
What looks like a flower but stings like a bee? Triffid /

Is New Game Plus harder FFXV?

Keep in mind that New Game+ does not scale up enemy difficulty nor are there any additional difficulty levels, so players will likely be killing enemies in one hit at the beginning parts of the game.

Can you abandon Levequest?

Just click on the levequest in question in the list on the right hand side of the screen – it should open up your Journal on the page for that quest. Then simply scroll the page down and click on the ‘Abandon’ button at the bottom of the page, and click ‘yes’ when it asks you if you want to abandon it.