Do I need drawings for a building notice?

Do I need drawings for a building notice?

A Building Notice is a written notice that you intend to carry out building work and does not normally mean that you have to submit detailed drawings. More information may sometimes be requested by the Building Control Surveyor to ensure that your work is in line with the regulations.

What is a 48 hour building notice?

A Building Notice application is an application under the Building Regulations giving brief details of your proposals for domestic alterations and extensions. The application should be submitted 48 hours before the work starts.

Is there a time limit on a building notice?

Building notice application The notice is valid for three years, after which it will lapse if the building work has not commenced.

What is a building initial notice?

The “Site Notification Initial Notice” is a statutory form detailing to the Local Authority Building Control Department your intention to carry out building works with the use of an Approved Inspector who will undertake the Building Control function and act as your Building Control Body.

What is required for a building notice?

Building notice application The application should include an application form, fee, a site plan showing the building, the site boundaries and the drainage provisions (and if necessary structural calculations). All assessment of building notice applications occur during site inspections.

What can be done under a building notice?

A building notice is for minor building works such as:

  • Removing a chimney breast.
  • Re-covering a roof.
  • Installing or altering a kitchen, toilet or bathroom which includes drainage (if you are not sure whether you need approval, contact us)
  • Converting an attached garage into a living area.
  • Knocking down a wall.

What is the difference between full plans and building notice?

Both use the same application form. A ‘building notice’ application is where the form and fee are submitted without plans. This can be only used for domestic dwellings.

What happens if I don’t get building regs approval?

First, if a person carrying out building work contravenes the Building Regulations, the local authority may prosecute them in the Magistrates’ Court where an unlimited fine may be imposed (sections 35 and 35A of the Building Act 1984). Prosecution is possible up to two years after the completion of the offending work.

Do I need to submit full plans or building notice?

You must make a full plans application if wish to: do work to a building which isn’t a single family dwelling house. erect a building fronting a private street. construct over or within three metres of a public sewer.

Is building notice cheaper than full plans?

Building control fees for a building notice may be more expensive than for a full plans application. Building notices cannot be used: For building work to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies (generally commercial or industrial buildings).

Will building control accept photos?

We will accept photo and/or video evidence instead. The Building Control Surveyor will then review the evidence sent immediately and request further details if the submitted evidence is unclear. Live video link can also be used to direct the builder to the area of interest.

Can I get a building regs certificate after work is done?

In order to grant a certificate, they would have to check the work had been done correctly, which would mean opening up some of the work. This is why an indemnity policy will not be granted if any approach has been made to the local authority.

What buildings dont require planning permission?

Indoors. Nearly all internal works such as loft conversions, garage conversions, new staircases, bathrooms, kitchens, or rewiring, do not require planning permission. But, do check if you want to do anything to a listed property or you live within a Conservation area.

How do I make a payment to Newcastle City Council?

Your payment can be made over the phone, online or by cheque, cheques should be made payable to Newcastle City Council. Email: [email protected]

How do I submit a building regulation application?

If Building Regulations apply to your project you will need to submit an application to the local authority. Usually you will be able to submit your Building Regulation Application using one of two application methods known as a ‘full plans’ or ‘building notice’.

What are the office hours of the building control section?

If you need advice you can contact the Building Control Section our office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Is this page useful? Is this page useful? Why could you not find the information you required?

What are building regulations and planning permission?

The regulations also set standards to promote the energy efficiency of buildings and the needs of people with disabilities. In basic terms Building Regulations are in place to ensure that buildings are healthy and safe to live and work in. Building Regulations and Planning Permission are not the same and should not be confused.