Who played a Martin D-35?

Who played a Martin D-35?

Artists as varied as Judy Collins, Pete Townsend, Rory Gallagher and Bruce Springsteen have all played D-35’s at some point in their career, no doubt drawn to the traditional yet unmistakably unique sound this model offers.

How much is a 1970 Martin D-35 worth?

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When did Martin start making the D-35?

Martin introduced the D-35 in 1965. Back then, Martin used Brazilian rosewood on many models, and it was starting to get scarce. Someone at the factory had the idea of making a guitar with a three piece back that allowed them to use smaller pieces of wood.

What guitars did Johnny Cash use?

Perhaps Johnny Cash’s most favorite Martin guitar (and he played many) was a specially made D-35, his – and Martin’s – first guitar with a polished black finish. Perfect for “the man in black,” Cash played this guitar on stage for nearly 20 years.

What kind of wood are Martin guitars made from?

The most common top tonewood is Spruce. Martin uses a variety of different types of Spruce including Sitka, Engelmann, Adirondack, Red and Italian Alpine, each with their own distinct tonal characteristics.

What is a Martin D 35 worth?

Overview. With a price tag exceeding $3,000, D-35 is not for beginners. You need some previous experience with acoustic guitars to fully appreciate its Sitka spruce top, which can also be made of mahogany or ebony.

Is D-35 or d28 Martin better?

In my own highly subjective opinion, the D-35 does everything the D-28 does but it does it just a bit better. The D-35 has all of the warmth and bass that you’d come to expect from a Martin Dreadnought. The difference is that, along with the typical low end you also get a crystal clear high end response.

Does Martin d35 have scalloped bracing?

All Standard Series guitars have hand-shaped scalloped bracing, with the important exception of two iconic Martin models, the D-28 and the D-35. These are the only two Standard Series Martins made today with non-scalloped braces.

What is the difference between a Martin d35 and d28?

The biggest difference is that the D-28 has a 2-piece back while the D-35 has a 3-piece back. Other differences include: The D-28 has a white Corian nut, while the D-35 uses bone. The D-28 has a micarta bridge saddle, while the D-35 uses bone.

What kind of guitar did Elvis play?

1955 Martin D-28 Elvis often purchased his instruments from that store. This guitar is the one Elvis is playing on the cover of his first album. It’s also well-known for its gorgeous leather cover, handmade by an employee at the music store where Elvis purchased the guitar.

Is the Martin D-35 a Dreadnought?

Classic Dreadnought from Martin The Martin D-35 occupies a lofty perch in the pantheon of Martin dreadnoughts. Indeed, many discerning guitarists consider it the ultimate acoustic guitar.

Is a Martin D 35 good for bluegrass?

The 35 is a great guitar, and is well suited for bluegrass.

What is the difference between a Martin D-28 and a D-35?

Martin built D-35s with slightly lighter braces than the D-28s of the time, which gave the new model a slightly bassier, more resonant sound. This made the D-35 a very popular guitar and in 1975, the year this guitar was made, the made 6260 of them versus 4996 D-28s. This D-35 has its original blue case.

How many D-35’s were made?

This made the D-35 a very popular guitar and in 1975, the year this guitar was made, the made 6260 of them versus 4996 D-28s. This D-35 has its original blue case.

Is this Martin D-35 Guitar worth $375?

This Martin D-35 just sold on eBay for $375, which seems like a pretty good price for a guitar from this era. I thought it might be fun to look more closely at this guitar to see if we can figure out if the buyer got a good deal or not.

How much should I pay for a D-35?

A clean D-35 from the mid-1970s usually sells for between $1500 to $2300 or so, so unless something is really wrong with the guitar, if you can get it for $375 you can pay to have a lot of work done and still come out on top. Click here for the original listing. At first glance, everything looks pretty good.