Who is Universum?

Who is Universum?

Who are we? Universum is the most recognised Employer Branding specialist in the world. Part of the StepStone Group and Axel Springer family, our diverse workforce is physically present in over 20 countries. We ensure employers around the world achieve their goals through data-driven Employer Branding.

What is employer branding Universum?

Employer branding is about defining and expressing the qualities that will make you the ideal choice for the talent you need to succeed. And we’re here to support you every step of the way.

What is involved in employer branding?

Employer branding, then, is simply how you market your company to desired job seekers. You can do this by showcasing your organization’s unique cultural differentiators, and then working to amplify them so you can position yourself as a top place to work.

How can I be attractive to an employer?

respondents say salary and long-term job security are ‘most important’ while 57%and 52%cite them as one of their top five factors. But things are changing. fallen in importance. Good training, flexible working arrangements, and convenient location are also more significant aspects today than last year.

What Universum Global?

Universum is the global leader in employer branding. Universum delivers a full range of services in research, strategic consulting and. Founded in 1988, its goal was to improve communication between students and the employers who want to recruit them.

What is a recruitment marketing agency?

Recruitment marketing agencies oversee user-focused communication strategies, media auditing and plan creation, and candidate engagement across mobile, digital, and social media. Typically, HR staff will work with recruitment marketing agencies to improve their company’s hiring process.

Which company has best employer branding?

#1 Google – The Rockstar of Employer Branding Google employer branding is one of the best in the world. The company is known for its excellent approach to employees, as well as its knack for building a strong employer value proposition.

How do I create a brand for my employer?

How to Build Your Employer Brand

  1. Audit Your Brand.
  2. Have Policies in Line With Values.
  3. Ask For and Encourage Employee Feedback.
  4. Act on Employee Feedback.
  5. Know Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  6. Create a Positive Hiring Process.
  7. Have a Meaningful Onboarding Experience.
  8. Use Social Media for Brand Promotion.

What factors make a company attractive?

They include having a good profit track record, solid financial information, an actionable plan for growth, defensibility of niche, brand, quality of management, and intellectual property.

What makes a company more attractive?

Attractive companies place an emphasis on employee relations. No employee wants to work for a company that disregards its staff by refusing to pay a decent salary, to communicate consistently and to treat employees in a respectful manner.

What do recruitment marketers do?

The role of the recruitment marketer is to bring all of your current marketing together into a streamlined process. A recruitment marketer’s role is primarily to coordinate and extend your reach. It used to be the case that recruitment marketing was about writing up a limited amount of ad copy for newspapers.

How big is the recruiting industry?

We estimate that the entire recruitment market is over $200 billion worldwide, and nearly every employer is a participant.

Is employer branding a good career?

While it may seem impossible to compete with huge companies with prominent brand names, employer branding can actually be your secret weapon to attract top candidates. A strong employer brand is twice as likely to be linked to job consideration compared to a strong company brand, according to LinkedIn research.

What is the first step in employer branding?

Step 1: Define your Employer Branding goals Think about what do you want to achieve with your Employer Branding strategy. Some of the common Employer Branding goals include: Get more job applicants. Get more high-quality candidates.

How do you build a HR brand?

Building an HR brand consists of five stages:

  1. Research to create an EVP (employee value proposition) and define the company’s limits.
  2. Creation of an EVP.
  3. Candidate journey mapping.
  4. Communication strategy development.
  5. Communication strategy implementation.

Which industries are most attractive to entrepreneurs?

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners the best industries to start a business in 2018 and here are the responses.

  • #1-The Auto Industry.
  • #2- Self Development.
  • #3- Low displacement by technologies industries.
  • #4- Business and Finance.
  • #5- SaaS.
  • #6- Building or home maintenance.
  • #7- Beauty.
  • #8- Consumer tech.

Why do employers prefer younger employees?

1 – New energy and perspective This enthusiasm is great for team building, productivity and workplace morale. Younger employees will also give you an advantage if you want to target the millennial market as they understand how to reach and communicate with their peers.

How do you recruit younger people?

Here are some of the top ways to find teen and young adult employees:

  1. A CareerForce specialist can help connect employers to young talent.
  2. Online job search sites.
  3. Local high school college and career centers.
  4. Local college, vocational and technical school career development centers.

Who does Universum work with?

Universum works with 2,000 employers, ranging from all sizes, and all parts of the world. Universum helped us to rebuild our visual assets for employer branding. We went from having a rather centralized European image bank to a localised and globally diverse photography selection woven into a purpose-led creative campaign.

Why Universum for employer branding?

For over 30 years now, Universum has been the trusted partner of many of the world’s best-known employers. As a result, our data, insights and guidance have shaped Employer Branding and assisted companies from around the globe in their efforts to attract, recruit and retain the right talent.

How many students does Universum Survey each year?

On an annual basis Universum surveys over 1,500,000 students and professionals worldwide. The results of our surveys and trend reports are continually published in prominent media outlets around the world including Forbes, Le Monde, CNNMoney, Harvard Business Review and El Pais.