Which is faster Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari 458?

Which is faster Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari 458?

In comparison the V8 458 lacks both power and acceleration, packing 562bhp, the Ferrari takes almost half a second longer to hit 60mph. Speed is only half of the story. To drive the Aventador is a little difficult and cumbersome especially at low speeds.

Which is more powerful Lamborghini or Ferrari?

Lamborghini provides more power and innovation, setting itself apart as a car maker that grabs your interest and doesn’t let go. Both offer speed, elegance, and first-rate driving experiences.

Why is a Lamborghini better than a Ferrari?

Power. Ferrari makes the most of its powertrains in a way that no Lamborghini does. Lamborghini’s current engine lineup consists of V8, V10, and V12 options, with the V12’s output peaking at 759 hp. Ferrari’s current engine lineup features V8 and V12 options.

How much is a 458 Italia?

About the Ferrari 458 Italia

Coupe Original MSRP/Price Transmission
458 Italia 2dr Cpe $239340 7-Speed Shiftable Automatic

What is the top 10 fastest car in the world?

Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World

  • SSC TUATARA : 283 MPH.
  • BUGATTI VEYRON 16.4 SUPER SPORT : 268 MPH. Bugatti.
  • RIMAC NEVERA : 256 MPH. carwow.
  • MCLAREN SPEEDTAIL : 250 MPH. McLaren Automotive.
  • KOENIGSEGG GEMERA: 249 MPH. Koenigsegg.

What car can beat a LaFerrari?

The Tesla Model S Plaid is quicker than any other production car ever built, so it should easily beat the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari.

What car is better than a Ferrari?

That said, there are a few Lamborghinis that edge Ferrari out. The Lamborghini Aventador, for instance, has a top speed of 217 mph, a solid 30 seconds faster than the fastest Ferrari (the Ferrari 488 GTB). This also makes it the tenth fastest car in the world.

What is the fastest Ferrari ever?

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the Most Powerful & Fastest Road-going Ferrari Ever. Ferrari Bentley Lotus of Denver. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the Most Powerful & Fastest Road-going Ferrari Ever.

Is a Ferrari 458 a supercar?

When the Ferrari 458 was unveiled in 2009 as a replacement for the Ferrari 430, it quickly became the benchmark for the supercar world. A rival to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Porsche 911 and McLaren 650S, the mid-engined Ferrari 458 Italia is available in two body styles – a coupe, and a Spider convertible.

How much horsepower does a 458 have?

562 hp
Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe Engine and Performance Details The 458 is a work of art and aerodynamic efficiency, featuring a 4.5L naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces a stunning 562 hp at 9,000 RPM. The engine outputs 125 hp per liter, which is a record for the highest amount of power per naturally aspirated piston.

Is LaFerrari faster than McLaren P1?

The Ferrari LaFerrari 963 PS has slightly better performance while on the track the McLaren P1 916 PS takes the best.

Who is Ferrari’s biggest competitor?

Ferrari’s top competitors include Audi, Aston Martin Lagonda, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Ford Motor, McLaren Technology Group, Bugatti and Porsche Automobil Holding. Ferrari is a company engaged in the design, engineering, production, and sale of luxury performance sports cars.

Which car can beat Lamborghini?

It covers the quarter-mile in 9.89 seconds, while the Lambo does the same in 11.13. Both vehicles are faster in the second heat, but the Model X Plaid again comes out on top, making it to the finish line in 9.84 seconds compared to the Huracán Evo’s 10.84 seconds.