Where can I rent a trailer in the US?

Where can I rent a trailer in the US?

XTRA Lease has about 50 rental locations across the U.S. so you can get a trailer when and where you need it. Search XTRA Lease locations to find a branch near you. Search trailer rental inventory.

What do I need to rent an RV trailer?

To rent an RV trailer, a standard driver’s license is typically enough. It’s important to find out if the rig will be covered by your auto insurance policy during the rental period, or whether you need to purchase special coverage. At RVshare, every rental comes with 24-hour roadside assistance.

Can you rent a one way trailer from U Haul?

One-Way Trailer Rental. In-Town Trailer Rental If you need a trailer for a local move, local deliveries, business moves, or for picking up some new furniture, U-Haul trailers are the most economical way to move. Renting locally, you can choose from any of our enclosed cargo trailers or utility trailers.

Is it worth it to rent an RV trailer?

An RV trailer rental can be a great option when you want complete flexibility and control over your travels, but you don’t want the cost of actually owning a travel trailer. It’s also a good way to try out different models of travel trailers to find one suitable for your needs.

Can you rent a one way trailer?

1. One-way rentals can be difficult to find While most truck rental companies and some home improvement stores rent out trailers, not all of them offer one-way options. This means you’d have to return the trailer where you picked it up — not ideal if you’ve moved hundreds of miles away.

How to lock in your trailer rental rate?

Lock in your trailer rental rate today by making a reservation online. Utility trailers are perfect for towing oversized cargo and landscaping materials. These trailers have an open-top allowing you to move tall and odd-shaped items. Accomplish any do-it-your-self project or move with these open trailers.

Can I return a trailer to an Xtra lease branch?

If you return a trailer to an XTRA Lease branch other than the one from which you picked it up, a fee applies. See branches closed to one-way terminations. Call (800) 325-1453. Contact us to start your rental today!

What kind of trailers do they have at Costco?

Our fleet features a variety of trailers — such as 500-gallon water trailers, mobile tool trailers, furniture trailers, walk-behind trencher trailers, single-axle hydraulic trailers and many more — to fit your exact hauling needs. How far back should a trailer axle be?