What is mean by aspiration in Urdu?

What is mean by aspiration in Urdu?

1) aspiration Noun. A will to succeed. کامیابی کا جذبہ

What is aspirations in a sentence?

the act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing. 1 She was filled with the aspiration to succeed in life. 2 He has never had any aspiration to earn a lot of money. 3 The aspiration towards some sort of rational understanding of the causal relationship is probably the best we can achieve.

What should I write for career aspirations?

Career aspiration example 1 I would like to continue to develop my skills and experience by working with professional recording equipment. I also want to develop my leadership and organizational skills. This will help me achieve my goal of leading production teams in the future.”

What is your work aspiration?

Your career aspiration refers to a long-term career goal, plan, or dream that is far away in the future, instead of short-term and in the present. Your career aspiration is different from your career goal.

Who is your inspiration meaning?

If you describe someone or something good as an inspiration, you mean that they make you or other people want to do or achieve something.

What’s your career aspirations?

Career aspirations refer to those long-term career goals, plans, and/or dreams that are far away in the future rather than the short-term ones in the present. Employers often ask about your future career aspirations to get to know you and understand your career goals and occupational aspirations.

What is your career aspirations sample answer?

What is your career aspirations?

What are your career aspirations for freshers?

Aspirations You Can Choose From

  • Being exposed to managing a team.
  • Being exposed to new parts of the business.
  • Being able to gain new skill sets that are applicable to future career opportunities.
  • Being able to be more hands on with the companies operations.
  • Being able to obtain a stronger track record of result making.

How do I write a career aspiration statement?

Follow these instructions to write an effective career goal statement:

  1. Think about your passions. One of the best ways to realize your career goals is by understanding what you’re passionate about.
  2. Do your research.
  3. Ask yourself important questions.
  4. Use SMART goals.
  5. Develop an action plan.
  6. Adjust accordingly.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

8 Types of People You Can Say Inspired You

  • Artists.
  • Athletes.
  • Authors.
  • Historical figures.
  • Mentors/coaches.
  • Noteworthy people in your community.
  • Parents, family, and friends.
  • Teachers.

What is mean by passion in Urdu?

طیش۔ بے حد شوق۔ 4. Passion [ Synonyms: cacoethes, mania] An irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action.

What is the synonym of spirit?

synonyms for spirit

  • character.
  • courage.
  • energy.
  • enthusiasm.
  • essence.
  • heart.
  • humor.
  • life.

What are your future career aspirations?

Your career aspirations are your vision for your future. They are what you hope to achieve in your professional life in the years to come. Put simply, a career aspiration is a long-term dream that you are pursuing. A career aspiration can even be accompanied by a 5-year plan.

How do I write my career aspirations?

You have two main objectives when answering the question, “What are your career aspirations?”:

  1. Demonstrate that your aspirations align with the company’s vision and long-term goals.
  2. Show the interviewer how the role will help you gain the skills and experience necessary to achieve your career aspirations.