What book should I read about Socrates?

What book should I read about Socrates?

Your first choice is one of the most famous of Plato’s writings, the Apology. This is Plato’s version of Socrates’ court speech. It’s very short, yet it gives us all sorts of extraordinary things. On first reading it is a brilliant piece of forensic oratory.

What is Socrates most famous book?

Socrates Words of Wisdom: 4…Rebirth100 Quotes by Socrates: Great Phil…1905600 Quotes of Ancient PhilosophyLearn Wisdom with Classical…

Did Socrates write books about philosophy?

An enigmatic figure, Socrates authored no texts and is known mainly through the posthumous accounts of classical writers, particularly his students Plato and Xenophon.

What was Socrates main philosophy?

Philosophy. Socrates believed that philosophy should achieve practical results for the greater well-being of society. He attempted to establish an ethical system based on human reason rather than theological doctrine. Socrates pointed out that human choice was motivated by the desire for happiness.

What is the best philosophy book for beginners?

The Best Philosophy Books for Beginners

  • Plato: Five Dialogues by Plato.
  • The Emperor’s New Mind by Roger Penrose.
  • Mengzi: With Selections from Traditional Commentaries translated by Bryan W.
  • Meno by Plato.
  • Republic by Plato.
  • Discourse on Method by Rene Descartes.
  • Symposium by Plato.
  • The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

Is Plato easy reading?

Plato’s books are in dialogues and actually are in a sense very poetic. Plato was one of the best writers (in a sense artist) that ever existed. It is easy to start reading Plato due to this format and know the basic concepts. Once you get into it, going to Aristotle, his difficulty will not be discouraging.

Did Socrates write any books?

Why did Socrates never write?

Socrates, like many great ancient thinkers, never wrote anything down because he found writing to be inferior to dialogue as a method of inquiry. Everything we know about what he said, did, or thought comes to us from others. However, they don’t agree on what he did or said.

Is Plato hard reading?

How many pages is Sophie’s World?

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What is Plato’s best book?

RepublicAllegory of the caveThe SymposiumApologyProtagorasPhaedo

What languages did Socrates speak?

Ancient GreekSocrates / LanguagesAncient Greek includes the forms of the Greek language used in ancient Greece and the ancient world from around 1500 BC to 300 BC. It is often roughly divided into the following periods: Mycenaean Greek, Dark Ages, the Archaic period, and the Classical period. Wikipedia

How many pages is Plato’s Republic?

700 pages
Plato’s republic is ~700 pages made up of 10 “books”(or chapters). This is 63 (not taking into account illegible pages) of book III.

How long does it take to read Sophie’s World?

9 hours and 4 minutes
The average reader will spend 9 hours and 4 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Is Sophie’s World worth reading?

I found Sophie’s World to be extremely knowledgeable, interesting, and thought provoking, leaving a vivid impression on me. Each chapter nudged me to view my surroundings and existence through the same objectivity and lens of unconventional reasoning as Sophie. I would recommend this book to all reading enthusiasts.