Is opah a good eating fish?

Is opah a good eating fish?

“They’re very tasty fish,” Snodgrass says. Opah are unusual in that different parts of their body look and taste different, the biologist explains. The upper part of the fish looks like tuna and tastes like a cross between tuna and salmon, he says.

What does Hawaiian opah taste like?

Opah has a rich, creamy taste and firm, fatty texture. The flavor is a cross between tuna and swordfish — distinctive but not overpowering. Cooking Tips: The opah’s large-grain, fatty flesh offers a versatility of use that appeals to chefs.

What is Hawaiian opah?

Opah or moonfish is one of the most colorful of the commercial fish species available in Hawaii. A silvery-grey upper body color shades to a rose red dotted with white spots toward the belly. Its fins are crimson, and its large eyes are encircled with gold.

Does opah have high mercury?

Anela Choy“We found that predatory fish that feed at deeper depths in the open ocean, like opah and swordfish, have higher mercury concentrations than those that feed in waters near the surface, like mahi-mahi and yellowfin tuna,” said Brian Popp, a professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Hawaii at …

What fish is similar to opah?

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Does opah need to be cooked through?

Opah is among the most versatile of fish, suitable for any manner of cooking, flavorful yet mild whether grilled, pan-fried, seared, poached or stir-fried. You can even serve it raw as sashimi, cure it for pastrami or grind it.

Is opah high in mercury?

How do you know when opah is done?

Use tongs to flip the fish over and grill it until it’s cooked on the outside. The opah will be medium-rare after 3 to 5 minutes, but you could cook it 2 to 3 more minutes, if you prefer your fish well-done. If the fish is medium-rare, it will be soft and tender. Well-done fish will be completely dry, firm, and flaky.

How do you eat opah?

What is the softest fish to eat?

Fish flavors and textures

Tilapia Mild, sweet Medium-firm
Bullhead Mild Firm
Crappie Mild Tender
Lake herring (Cisco) Medium Soft

How do you cook opah fish?

If broiling skin-on fillets, slash the skin a few times to prevent shrinkage and broil skin side up. This is another simple, Caribbean inspired, recipe for opah, with a zesty tomato sauce. Preheat oven to 450°F. Heat oil in a medium nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.

What can you cook with opah?

Asparagus and lemon are already an impeccable duo. Toss some opah into the mix, and you have a meal. The key to grilling opah, or any fish for that matter, is to be sure you brush the grates with plenty of oil. The last thing you want is your precious catch to stick. Once that’s done, toss on the asparagus and the opah.

How long to bake opah?

How To Bake Opah? The opah is not a demanding fish to bake. After 30 minutes a medium heat or, more specifically 350 °F, it should be more than done. However, along with the perfect seasoning and cooking time, what makes a great opah dish is not the fish alone but the vegetables you pair it with!

Where can I buy opah fish in Hawaii?

If it is not available at your grocery store, you can order it online from the Honolulu Fish Company . If you ever get the opportunity to fillet an opah, you will find that an average of 35% of an opal’s weight is consumable, with the remaining 65% being bone and thick skin.