How many songs should a mini album have?

How many songs should a mini album have?

A mini album consists of around five to seven songs that may range in music genre. A mini album usually has the title track and at least one ballad/slow track. Some mini albums also have intro songs, which last for around one minute, and instrumental versions of the title tracks.

What makes an album a mini album?

A mini-LP or mini-album is a short vinyl record album or LP, usually retailing at a lower price than an album that would be considered full-length. It is distinct from an EP due to containing more tracks and a slightly longer running length.

How many full albums does Big Bang have?

Made2016Big Bang2009Made Series2016Remember2008Second Live Concert: The Great2008Big Bang 22011

How many times does Big Bang Comeback?

After a three-year hiatus, Big Bang made their comeback in mid-2015 by releasing four singles from their first studio album in eight years, Made (2016)….

Big Bang discography
EPs 8
Singles 36
Single albums 7

What should I name my album?

10 Clever Ideas For Naming An Album

  • Use A Song Name From The Album.
  • Self-title The Album With Your Artist Name.
  • Use Consecutive Album Names.
  • Identify The Inspiration Behind The Album.
  • Capture The Theme Of The Album.
  • Use A Specific Lyric Or Phrase From The Album.
  • Name The Album After Another Artist’s Song.

Is 10 songs enough for an album?

Albums can contain up to 100 tracks, and have a maximum duration of 2.5 hours. Any release with seven (7) or more tracks will be considered an album in iTunes; Any release that has one to six (1-6) tracks but is over 30 minutes will be considered an album in iTunes.

How long is a mini-album?

There are mo Mini-albums. According to British Charts, a boundry between Album and EP is 25 minutes on music, because back in the vinyl era, you couldn’t put more than 25 minutes on music on EP, introduction of LPs would allow that. Thus releases with more than 25 minutes of music should be added the tag Album.

Who is the oldest in BIGBANG?

The comparison in terms of Bigbang members’ age is as follows. Choi Seung-Hyun (T.O.P) is the eldest (32 years), followed by Taeyang and G-Dragon at 31 years and the youngest being Daesung at 30 years.

Who is the visual of BIGBANG?


Name Position(s) Years active
T.O.P (탑) Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual 2006–present
Taeyang (태양) Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, Center 2006–present
G-Dragon (지드래곤) Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group 2006–present
Daesung (대성) Lead Vocalist, Maknae 2006–present

Is BIGBANG disbanding 2021?

BIGBANG and YG Entertainment’s official accounts have announced that the band will make its long-awaited comeback on 5 April, 2022. BIGBANG will return — and soon.

Is 7 songs enough for an album?

What is the longest album title ever?

The Boy Bands Have Won
Longest title of a music album is 156 words long, achieved by Chumbawamba (UK) with the album “The Boy Bands Have Won”, released 3 March 2008.

What is the perfect album length?

So, what is the ideal album length? Joey Badass once told Complex that a good album should have no more than 14 songs, with the duration likely varying between 30 to 45 minutes.

Who is the K-pop legend?

The LEGEND (also styled as LEGEND)(전설) was a 5 member South Korean boy group under SS Entertainment (formerly JK Space Entertainment.) The group consisted of Listen, Roi, Jaehyuk, Lito, and Changsun.

What is the shortest album title?

SHORTEST: The Beatles, “1”