How do you make an Indian wedding fun?

How do you make an Indian wedding fun?

Make it a point to do something unique – something you haven’t seen at other weddings. Here are a few ideas: Interactive photo booth, video guestbook, professional performers, fireworks (if you’re going over the top), different types of food or super unique food (like Indian eggplant sliders… mmm).

How much should you budget for an Indian wedding?

The average cost of an Indian wedding in the USA is between $225,000 and $285,0000. This is for a wedding of 300 people in a major metro like Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey, Houston and so on.

How can I make my wedding interesting?

20 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas for Your Indian Wedding

  1. #2. Have a DJ request box on your Sangeet.
  2. #3. Popcorn cart for midnight during the feras.
  3. #5. Wedding Tattoos:
  4. #8. Let the groom enter in a vintage car.
  5. #12. Have a fun photobooth.
  6. #18. Chappals.
  7. #19. Put your love story on the board.

How can I make my Indian wedding unique and unforgettable?

6 Best Creative Wedding Planning Ideas

  1. An Enchanted Entrance.
  2. Wacky Catering Ideas.
  3. Decoration that’s Divine & Distinct.
  4. Ask For Advice.
  5. Wedding Reception Setting.
  6. Set a DJ request Box.
  7. Express your love story on Board.
  8. Create a Magnificent Mandap.

How can I plan my Indian wedding on a small budget?

15 Interesting Ways To Plan A Perfect Budget Wedding In India

  1. Draft your Financial Situation in Detail. Finance is the bottom line for any party, ceremony or event.
  2. Deciding over Venue.
  3. Less Flowers.
  4. Make Off-Season Purchase.
  5. Use your own Speakers.
  6. Take Expert Advice.
  7. Cut Down on Décor.
  8. Create a Rational Guest List.

What is the most unusual wedding customs in India?

Marrying A Peepal Tree. One of the most weird and unusual ritual by the Hindus is the bride marrying a tree or a dog. Yes! That’s right. Dictated by ‘astrological’ time, most Hindus believe that women born at a particular time is Manglik.

How can I surprise my married couple?

The best surprises happen at moments when you least expect it – like at weddings….Five Fun Ways To Surprise A Wedding Couple

  1. Write a wedding newspaper for the crowds.
  2. Put together a montage video.
  3. Get their favourite celebrity send them a message.
  4. Create a flash mob dance routine.
  5. Organise a ‘One Month On’ dinner for them.

Why does the bride’s father wash the groom’s feet?

Bride’s father has to wash the feet of son in law during the wedding as a custom. It is to be noted that in Hindu weddings are having more of religious, rather than social significance. The daughter and son in law are considered God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. And the wedding is considered as marriage of Gods.

How long do Indian weddings last?

A typical Indian wedding timeline stretches about three days. The Hindu wedding ceremony, which takes place on the third day, usually lasts between one-and-a-half to two hours and is then followed by the reception. The whole day clocks around 16 hours.

What do brides normally borrow?

So, when we talk about ‘something borrowed’, the most traditional ideas that fall under the category of ‘something borrowed’ usually include a mother’s veil, a pair of wedding shoes, a beautiful clutch, or even your grandparent’s handkerchiefs!

What is the proper gift for an Indian wedding?

– If you are attending an Indian wedding, the best gift can be non-other than a small statue of Lord Ganesha as it signifies wisdom and understanding. – Indians have a special place for tea in their heart. – For more unique gifts, you can go for personalized infinity love couple names 3D LED night lamp.

Which are the best Indian wedding pictures?

Take Photo Above. Antique staircases look glorious together with your elegant white wedding dress and the groom’s black suite.

  • Rings as Symbols of True Love. Place your hands together to form a heart and display the wedding rings.
  • Photo of Generations.
  • A Picture with Your Dad.
  • Stay Crazy.
  • Body Swap.
  • Cheers!
  • Together with Your Best Friends.
  • How to plan an Indian wedding on a budget?

    – Your requirements (outdoor area for cocktail hour, view of lake, etc) – Outside catering allowed (if you don’t want to use their catering options) – Allows Indian weddings (ie small fire on mandap for ceremony, Baraat outside, etc) – What services are included (cake, wedding coordinator, lighting etc) – Do they offer package deals for multiple events?

    How to prepare for an Indian wedding?

    List down items to be brought on the wedding day and perform a full review of the items on this checklist

  • Appoint someone you trust to assist you in paying the wedding vendors after the wedding event is completed
  • Appoint an individual to give back hired items once the event is completed