How do I get Akaavi spar back?

How do I get Akaavi spar back?

The classic Smuggler and Bounty Hunter companions Akaavi Spar and Mako return to both classes in a duo. There is no way to pick one over the other or reject them both. Their mission is called “The Tatooine Rundown” and it’s available to players, who have completed Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters 1 to 9.

What weapons can Akaavi use?

Akaavi Spar is a companion of the Smuggler player character. She is also a potential love interest of the male Smuggler….Raise a Floppa – The Loop.

Akaavi Spar
Planet: Balmorra
Weapon(s): Electrostaves
Voice actor: Stacy Haiduk

How do you reunite with Mako?

If you have not done To Find a Findsman, pick that one up and complete it first, and then the alliance alert The Tatooine Rundown will become available in the Companions & Contact menu as long as you have finished Knights of the Eternal Throne. The player will reunite with both Mako and Akaavi as a team.

Can females romance Mako?

How to start romance: The male Bounty Hunter can romance Mako during the Bounty Hunter story as well as the companion conversations with her.

How old is Mako in swtor?

Mako, Nadia, Vette, Kira – they are all teens. Mako is 19.

Can female romance Mako?

Romance continuation: Players can resume their romance with Mako after completing the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion and the To Find a Findsman Alliance Alert.

Can you romance Mako?

Mako is the first companion for the Bounty Hunter class, joining the mercenary when he/she leaves Hutta. She is a romance option to a male Bounty Hunter.

How old is Vette?

Vette: 21, 34.

How old is Mako Swtor?

Can you romance Lana as a female?

Swtor-Nerd’s Facebook or Twitter! Lana and Theron are almost boring romance options at the moment. They’ll happily romance males, females, light side, dark side, imperials, republic. No choice you make affects the romance in any way so far.

Was Mako in the Clone Wars?

Biography. Although Mako had a sharp mind and was healthy, he decided to waste his time and his father’s money. After the Clone Wars, Mako finally decided to join the military.