How can I download Saral TDS software?

How can I download Saral TDS software?

How to download and install Saral TDS software on your desktop

  1. Minimum System Requirement to install Saral TDS.
  2. Step-1: Go to
  3. Step-2: Here, Go to Download Software.
  4. Please note: The setup link will be sent to the mail id provided in the form.

What is Saral TDS?

Saral TDS is a comprehensive TDS management software. It is developed with a built-in state of the art technology that improves the speed of tax calculation and filing. The TDS management software strictly adheres to TDS/TCS guidelines established by the Income Tax Laws of India.

How can I download Form 16 from Saral TDS software?

To download the file, go to TRACES account window in Saral TDS and select on Bulk Form 16 File under Request for with the Form, Quarter and PRN details. Provide the TRACES login credentials and click on Download. You will be redirected to Requested Downloads screen in TRACES.

How do I update Fvu in Saral TDS?

Procedure 1 – Download the file for an update from Relyon customer portal and update.

  1. Step 1: Log into your Relyon customer portal using your Login credentials.
  2. Note:
  3. Step 2: On login, click on Product Updates under Download.
  4. Step 3: In the next view, the products purchased by you from Relyon will be displayed.
  5. Note:

What is Saral filing?

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has come out with a new income tax Form – Saral-II. The new form aims at making the process of filing tax returns easier for individual taxpayers. The form is to be used to file the income tax returns for the financial year 2009-10 (assessment year 2010-11 ).

How do I Download Form 27A in Saral?

Click on eReturn option. Before doing eReturn, it is mandatory to download CSI file from NSDL website. To download the CSI file, click on Download which will automate the process. After downloading the file, click on e-Return and generate the required files i.e. FVU file & Form 27A.

How do I file my 26Q return?

Preparing the form 26Q The form 26Q and the TDS return can be prepared and filed by using NSDL e-Gov eTDS/TCS Return Preparation Utility (RPU). The RPU can be downloaded from the website of TIN free of cost. The return has to be submitted to any of the TIN-FCs established by NSDL e-Gov.

How can I download Form 16?

How to Download Form 16?

  1. Under the ‘Forms/Download’ section, you will find the ‘Income Tax Forms’ option, click on it.
  2. Next, you will find the ‘PDF’ and ‘Fillable Form’ options available under ‘Form 16’.
  3. Click on the relevant option.
  4. You will be able to download the form on the next page.

How can I download Form 16 from Saral PayPack?

Form 16 Generation in Saral PayPack

  1. After downloading the required file, go to Form16 with TRACES under TDS Reports of Report menu.
  2. The Form 16 window will be displayed.
  3. Now, go to TRACES Part A and trace the Part A zip file downloaded from TRACES.
  4. Note:

What is the latest Fvu version?

Key Features – File Validation Utility (FVU) version 2.172 – This version of FVU is applicable with effect from May 05, 2022 onwards.

Which software is used for TDS return?

List of software providers for preparation of e-TDS returns

Name of the company Name of the product
Tally Solutions Private Limited. Tally.ERP 9
Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd. Taxmann’s TDS Excel Module of E-TDS Return
Udyog Software India Ltd. Taxilla – Tax Compliance on the Cloud
Webtel Electrosoft (P) Ltd. Web e-TDS

How can I download ITR Saral copy?

Step 1: Go to the income tax India website at and log in. Step 2: Select the ‘e-File’>’Income Tax Returns’>’View Filed Returns’ option to see e-filed tax returns. Step 3: To download ITR-V click on the ‘Download Form’ button of the relevant assessment year. The ITR-V will be downloaded.

How do I enter salary details in Saral TDS?

Go to Tax Computation option under Form 24Q menu. The Tax Computation window will be displayed, with the list of employees entered in Deductee Master Window. Here, select the employee from the list, whose salary details have to be entered and click on “…” button against Gross Salary under the Source of Income.

What is form 27A TDS?

Form 27A is a summary of e-TDS/TCS return (Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ), which contains control totals of ‘Amount Paid’, ‘Income tax deducted at source’& ‘Tax Deposited (Total challan amount)’. The control totals mentioned on Form 27A should match with the corresponding control totals in e-TDS/TCS return file.

How do I open a TDS Fvu file?

To extract these files, double-click on ‘e-TDS FVU.exe’. A ‘WinZip Self-Extractor – e-TDS FVU.exe’ will open. By default, the path selected for extraction of the three files will be ‘C:\e-TDS FVU’. The files can also be extracted in any other location (other than C:\e-TDS FVU).

How do I submit my 26Q online?

How to download the form 26Q?

  1. Click on the downloads tab and from the menu choose E-TDS/E-TCS.
  2. On this page, click on ‘quarterly returns’ and then select ‘regular’.
  3. Once you do that you will be transferred to a new web page.
  4. This page will contain a section ‘form’ under which there will be form 26Q. Click on that.

Can I file TDS return offline?

TDS returns can be filed both ways – offline or online.

Can an individual download Form 16?

Form 16 can only be downloaded and issued by your employer. Any individual cannot download his / her Form 16. There is a common misconception that an individual a download Form 16 on TRACES website using the PAN number. All salaried individuals are eligible to get a Form 16 from their employers.

How can I get my form 16 online?

What is Saral PayPack?

The complete payroll solution, right from Attendance Punch to Payslip generation which is highly customizable. Saral PayPack is built with the latest technology to make it powerful, yet easy-to-use. It makes payroll processing a simple job which any company can accomplish in-house.

Where can I download Saral TDs-corporate version?

You can download Saral TDS – Corporate Version 13.07 from our software library for free. The most popular version among Saral TDS – Corporate Version users is 13.0. This tool was originally produced by Relyon Softech Ltd.

Why Saral TDs institutional?

I am using Saral TDS institutional for the past 5 years. This Software is very user friendly and effective in handling large records for regular and correction return filing. The Customer support provides good solutions and solves our queries very quickly. Would you like to know more? Talk To Us

What is Saral TDS/TCS ereturn solution?

Complete solution for TDS/TCS eReturn filing A single solution that meets all your needs for eTDS/eTCS filing with validation of details at required stages. Fully integrated with TRACES Easily port the details from Saral TDS to TRACES for various Request and Download options provided by TRACES. Comprehensive Correction Return module

What do you like most about our TDs software?

This Software is very user friendly and effective in handling large records for regular and correction return filing. The Customer support provides good solutions and solves our queries very quickly. This software is very useful for TDS related files and it keep tracks of all possible errors while entering challan and deductor details.