Can I use the BSA logo?

Can I use the BSA logo?

In general, as BSA volunteers, we can use BSA logos and materials for Scouting purposes. An Eagle Court of Honor certainly qualifies. Typically nothing is reproduced for sale, and nothing of value is given away. The complexities arise when you involve third parties and copyrighted non-BSA materials.

What are the BSA colors?

Boy Scouts of America brand colors are red, white and blue.

What is the BSA logo called?

As Scouting spread around the world so did the story of the iconic badges development. Its name changes depending on the country with some preferring the name arrowhead to fleur-de-lis with its traditional royal connections; others call it the fleur-de-lis due to the arrowheads military connections.

Is BSA copyrighted?

In effect, just about any mark that reasonably relates to BSA or its program is protected. Accordingly, anyone seeking to use any marks, words, or phrases, which may reasonably be related to the BSA and its programs should contact the BSA Legal Department at 972-580-2000 to obtain permission in advance for such use.

Are Scout badges copyrighted?

Do I need permission to use badges and symbols on my Web site? The use of official insignia (all of which is trademarked) is highly restrictive. You may submit your plans for proposed use to [email protected].

Is be prepared trademarked?

Among other federal trademark registrations owned or acquired by the Boy Scouts: BOY SCOUT®, FRIENDS OF SCOUTING®, SCOUTCAST® (yes, even the Boy Scouts have a podcast), BE PREPARED®, CAMP SCOUT! ®, and NATIONAL SCOUT JAMBOREE®, among many others.

What color is Boy Scout green?

The Boy Scout uniform during the 1950s–1970s continued to have a monochrome light green (khaki-green) color for both shirts and shorts or trousers. In 1980, a major change was made when a two-color uniform having a tan shirt with olive green shorts or trousers was introduced.

What does a purple fleur-de-lis mean?

The fleur-de-lis is the main element in the logo of most Scouting organizations, representing a major theme in Scouting: the outdoors and wilderness. The crest is white on a purple background. The white represents purity and the purple represents leadership and help given to others.

What does a square knot symbolize?

The choice of the square knot as the common emblem was made by James E. West, who is said to have chosen it for its use as the knot associated with first aid, thereby reminding Scouts to continue to be of service to others.

Did Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts?

The Girl Scouts sued the Boy Scouts for trademark infringement, among other things, in 2018, alleging the organization’s use of “Scouts” and “Scouting” to market to girls violates its trademark rights.

Are Girl Scout cookie names trademarked?

True to their teachings of responsibility and diligence, the Girl Scouts have taken proper legal action to protect their valuable trademarks. The mark Girl Scout Cookies received a U.S. trademark registration in 1973. The registration states that the mark was first used as far back as 1936 in connection with cookies.

Is scout a trademark?

Girl Scouts of the United States of America say that they own a trademark on the word “Scout” when used to refer to programming for girls; and the Boy Scout’s use of that word to advertise their new programming for girls is likely to cause confusion for consumers.

Why is Girl Scouts suing Boy Scouts?

The Girl Scouts sued in 2018, alleging the Boy Scouts’ use of “Scouts” and “Scouting” to market to girls violates its trademarks. It said the rebrand created confusion and threatened to marginalize the group.

How can I trademark my logo for free?

Can you trademark your logo for free? You can not register a trademark for free. However, what you can do is establish something known as a “common law trademark” for free. You can do this by simply opening for business.

How do I register a brand name and a logo?

Here are some tips on how to trademark your name:

  1. Conduct a search to confirm that a similar name isn’t already registered.
  2. Consider the type of trademark applications you should file.
  3. Select a suitable class.
  4. File your trademark application.
  5. What should I do after filing?

Are Scout socks required?

Socks: Official socks with official shorts or pants. (Long socks are optional with shorts.)

How many knots can be worn on a scout uniform?

nine knots
The BSA recommends that the number of knots be limited to three rows of three (a total of nine knots). The order for wearing knots is up to you, but most Scouters place their most treasured knot in the lower left position as you look at the shirt.

Can Scouts wear knots?

Knots are worn in rows of three. The BSA recommends that the number of knots be limited to three rows of three (a total of nine knots). The order for wearing knots is up to you, but most Scouters place their most treasured knot in the lower left position as you look at the shirt.

What is the BSA brand identity guide?

With an updated digital-specific design system, the BSA brand identity guide contains all the tools you need to craft messages and materials that resonate with today’s families while keeping true to the BSA brand. Get started below. We can’t wait to see what you create. Download the BSA brand guidelines.

Where can I find the BSA logo for my troop?

From newsletters to your troop’s official social media profile picture, we’ve got every official Scout Me In and official Scouts BSA logo in the format you need. VIEW LOGOS IN THE BSA BRAND CENTER.

What are the Boy Scouts of America trademark guidelines?

Boy Scouts of America corporate trademark: Do not reproduce in a tint or screen. Do not reproduce in all red or colors such as pastels or neons. Do not reproduce in color on a dark background. Do not truncate. The gold fleur-de-lis has been retired and should not be used. BSA Brand Guidelines 10

What is the Scouts BSA Tools and resource section?

The Scouts BSA tools and resource section is your one-stop resource to help you serve more Scouts in your area. From recruiting ideas to social media best practices, this section provides resources you need to build, activate, and improve your troop marketing and recruiting strategy.