Who sang the song Macarena that became a popular line dance of the 90s?

Who sang the song Macarena that became a popular line dance of the 90s?


Label RCA
Songwriter(s) Rafael Ruiz Perdigones Antonio Romero Monge
Producer(s) Los del Río
Los del Río singles chronology

Is Macarena flamenco?

In 1996, the whole world got swept up in Macarena madness. The original flamenco hit composed by the Seville duo known as Los del Río – made up of Antonio Romero and Rafael Ruiz – had already rocketed up the charts in Spain in 1993.

Who invented Macarena dance?

3. The music video, with Los del Rio singing and the 10 women dancing, was directed by French director Vincent Calvet. Among the dancers is Mia Frye, who choreographed the video, as well as a then unknown Tracee Ellis Ross.

What genre is Macarena?

PopMacarena / Genre

Is Macarena song copyrighted?

BMG now owns the publishing rights to ’90s smash Macarena after acquiring the music catalogues of publishing companies Nova and Lirics & Music from Spanish-language radio group, PRISA Radio. Released in 1996, Macarena sold more than 4 million copies in the US alone and spent 14 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Is it illegal to sing Macarena in public?

Singing Happy Birthday, Christmas songs, or the Macarena in public. Depending on the circumstances (like volume and number of people), singing popular songs in public might constitute copyright infringement.

Is the Macarena song copyrighted?

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What does Macarena song Mean?

a dance performed by dancers in a line, or several lines, consisting mainly of hand and arm movements; also, the name of the song to which the dance is usually performed. It became popular in 1996. “Macarena” is a Spanish dance song by Los del Río about a woman of the same name.

Who sings the Macarena song?

Macarena (song) Kids Template:Listen ” Macarena ” ( Template:IPA-es) is a Spanish dance song by Los del Río about a woman of the same name. Appearing on the 1993 album A mí me gusta, it was an international hit in 1995, 1996, and 1997, and continues to be a popular dance at weddings, parties, and sporting events.

What is the Macarena song about?

The demonstrators, who are angry about COVID-19 vaccine mandates, were initially bombarded with Barry Manilow’s greatest hits – plus the 1990s dance tune Macarena – all played singing other songs over the hit, and dancing in the rain.

What type of song is the Macarena?

“Macarena” (Radio Version) – 3:48

  • “Macarena” (Mar Fe Mix) – 5:05
  • “Macarena” (Gregorio Mix) – 7:01
  • “Macarena” (Beat Foundation-Full Frontal Mix) – 6:21
  • “Macarena” (Beat Foundation-Infinity Dub) – 6:46