Where can I play Pou for free?

Where can I play Pou for free?

Pou Games: Play Pou Games on LittleGames for free.

How do you lose weight on Pou?

To do this, buy about 30 items of junk food and fifteen Fat Burners. Feed him until he won’t, and then use the Fat Burner, and start over. If your Pou is 50% adult (or a Child), wait at least 5 minutes, or more if it is less than 50% adult.

How does Pou get energy?

Energy. Pou becomes tired after a day of playing games! The player can put it to bed or use an energy or max potion to replenish the bar whenever Pou is tired.

Is Pou a safe app?

The Pou app is relatively safe for kids of all ages to play, given that spending expectations are set beforehand.

Why is Pou so popular?

In Pou, players can feed, wash, and play games with a brown, triangular alien pet, which has turned out to be wildly addictive; the app made a global Top 5 Paid iOS Apps list last month, sees between between 260-320,000 free downloads a day on Android, and has so far hit #1 in the iPhone kids games category in a total …

How do you age up in Pou?

Methods. A Pou should get lots of food and potions. When it is done (for approximately 4.5 minutes), Pou has its level grown up for one.

How does Pou get sick?

When the energy bar is low or empty (under 30%), Pou’s eyes will droop and it will yawn constantly. also, Pou’s health bar will slowly decrease and Pou will get sick if you don’t give it a health potion in the lab. There is the lamp button, which you send Pou to sleep by tapping on it to turn it off.

Is Pou a Creepypasta?

This page is not to be deleted, as this wiki also talks about the legacy of Pou. How To Kill Pou is a Spanish-language video creepypasta in the form of a fake tutorial for the player on how to “kill” their Pou.

How to play online game’s with Pou?

Eny time when you want to play online game’s with pou just enter our website and play for free only Pou games. If you have no idea about that game on android and if you loved the Pou since then, I recommend you explore the world of Pou to better knows as the most adorable Poop.

What will you do with your Pou?

Feed it, clean it, play with it and watch it grow up while leveling up and unlocking different wallpapers and outfits to satisfy your unique taste. How will you customize your Pou?

What is pou poop?

For those who do not know, Pou is a Poop, which must give food, to wash, and play with him as a toddler. Android game caught on immediately scale, most players are obsessed and even attach a little poop.