What language code is zh?

What language code is zh?

The ISO 639-1 code ‘zh’ identifies “Chinese”, but the concept of Chinese encloses a number of distinct languages or dialects that share certain traits.

Is ZH traditional or simplified?

These are the allowable Language Codes that must be used when setting the Source and Target languages of a TTK from the command line….Language Codes.

Language Name Language Code
Chinese (Traditional) (zh-Hant) zh-Hant
Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) zh-HK
Chinese (Traditional, Macao S.A.R.) zh-MO

What language is ZT?

ZT is a two-dimensional esoteric programming language invented by Philipp Winterberg in which program flow is diagonal and commands are determined by the direction of program flow.

What language is KO?

French: K. -O. Latin American Spanish: K.O.

What country is CHX?

Data codes for Switzerland – Wikipedia.

Why does zh mean Chinese?

Chinese language (ISO 639-1 code: zh), based on a native name of the Chinese language Zhōngwén and a Chinese adjective for Chinese, Zhōnghuá

What does ZT mean?

Acronym Definition
ZT Zulu Time (GMT 0.00) (military designation for Greenwich Mean Time)
ZT Zoo Tycoon (game)
ZT Zero Tolerance
ZT Zum Teil (German: partly, to some extent)

What is German ZT?

Abbreviation of zum Teil (partly, in part).

How do you pronounce zh in Russian?

To pronounce the sound “Ж” [zh], you need to do the same things which are described above but at first, pronounce the sound “ЗА” [za] – when you move your tongue to teethridge, you will get the sound “Ж” [zh].

Do we have zh in English?

The ‘zh’ sound (voiced ‘sh’) occurs relatively rarely in native English words, and only in the middle of them. For example: vision and its compounds, leisure, pleasure, measure, seizure, treasure, exposure, closure, lesion, plosion and its compounds, occasion, casual.

What is KO in English?

KO is an abbreviation for knockout.

What KO means?

knock out
or K.O., k.o., kay·o a knockout in boxing. verb (used with object), KO’d, KO’ing. to knock unconscious, especially in a boxing match; knock out.

What country is HL?

Nominatim/Country Codes

ISO 3166-1 country code Country name (English) Default BCP 47 language codes (usually from ISO 639-1, or ISO 639-3 otherwise)
HN Honduras es
HR Croatia hr
HT Haiti fr, ht
HU Hungary hu

What does ZT stand for in top boy?

Zero Tolerance (ZT) is the reformed London Fields gang after Jamie Tovell takes control after Modie & Leyton are killed.