What is the windshield in the back called?

What is the windshield in the back called?

Back glass also called rear window glass, rear windshield, or rear glass, is the piece of glass opposite the windshield in a vehicle. Back glass is made from tempered glass, also known as safety glass, and when broken will shatter into small, round pieces.

What is a car front window called?

The windshield (North American English) or windscreen (Commonwealth English) of an aircraft, car, bus, motorbike, truck, train, boat or streetcar is the front window, which provides visibility while protecting occupants from the elements.

What is side glass of car called?

It is used for both the front and rear windshields of a vehicle to provide maximum strength and increased structural stability. Tempered Glass. Processed to be 10 times stronger than regular glass, tempered glass is used for the side windows of a car.

Is it OK to drive with a cracked windshield?

The short TL;DR answer is: Yes, it can be dangerous. It’s best not to drive with a damaged windshield. Of course, the longer answer dives into the “why” and the nuances of car window cracks, windshield chips, and general auto glass damage.

What do the British call a windshield?

Windscreen – n – Windshield.

What is each car window called?

6 types of auto glass on a typical vehicle: the front Windshield, front and rear door auto glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and back glass.

How long can you go with a cracked windshield?

There is no set amount of time to safely drive with a cracked windshield. In some cases, the crack is diminutive and unlikely to spread, making it possible to drive days, weeks or even months without additional damage. However, even slight cracking makes windshields brittle.

How fast does a windshield crack spread?

Changes in Temperature When this happens, your windshield’s structure tends to shift, thus weakening the corner of each crack or chip. In one day, these cracks will start spreading on a microscopic level. Within a few days, you will see marked differences in the crack with the naked eye.

Why did my back windshield shattered?

Road debris, stones, etc. might seem small, but they can cause much damage to your car’s back glass. It’s quite common for rocks and other debris to fly off the road and crash onto the back glass, often causing it to crack or even shatter completely.