How much is a gallon of methanol fuel?

How much is a gallon of methanol fuel?

The current global spot price for methanol made from natural gas is $1.13 per gallon, without any subsidy. Methanol produces about half the energy per gallon as gasoline, so you need to burn twice as much to go just as far.

How much is Sunoco race fuel per gallon?

SUNOCO/ALKY RACING ALCOHOL: $4.00/gallon, $3.50/55 gallon.

How much is racing fuel per gallon?

“Racing fuels $9 a gallon, which may seem high for everyone out there, but for us, it’s only a dollar above a gallon,” said Beale.

What is the octane rating of racing methanol?

The octane rating of methanol is around 110 octane. Since the octane rating of methanol is so much higher than gasoline both boost, Compression and timing can be increased.

What is the shelf life of methanol fuel?

Store methanol vials in a cool, dry environment, away from VOC sources. Methanol vials should not be stored for longer than 3 months. If the storage environment is potentially compromised, storage time should be less than 3 months.

Does methanol add horsepower?

But generally, gains of 25-45 hp and as many lb-ft of torque are common, making methanol injection one of the best bang-for-the-buck power upgrades for your car.

Does Sunoco sell methanol?

Sunoco racing methanol is produced to the highest possible standards. Its purity normally exceeds 99.85%.

What is the highest octane race fuel you can buy?

The gasoline at a gas station ranges from 87 to 93 octane. Racing fuel ranges from 100 to 120 octane.

Does methanol eat plastic?

Plastic containers are not recommended for long-time storage or shipment of methanol because the solvent properties of methanol may degrade the plastic, causing the containers to lose structural integrity.

Does Sunoco make methanol?

Sunoco racing methanol is produced to the highest possible standards. Its purity normally exceeds 99.85%. Methanol’s high octane value and oxygen content (50%) make it a popular fuel….Sunoco 260 GT Plus.

Specific Gravity 0.793
Purity % >99.85
Explosive limits in air (%) 6–36.5
Colour Clear
Oxygen (% Weight) 50

How much does methanol injection cost?

Many enthusiasts have found the benefits of using water/methanol injection equivalent to running race gas, but without the $12/gallon price tag.

Does methanol burn hotter than gasoline?

Gasoline, when it undergoes a phase change can suck out about 150 BTUs of heat energy per pound of fuel, which results in a temperature drop. Methanol, on the other hand, takes 506 BTUs per pound of fuel of heat energy to make the phase change.

What is the octane rating of methanol?

Methanol reported as having an octane rating of 133 (RON) and 105 (MON), with a combined octane rating of 119 ((R+M)/2). In contrast the combined octane rating of regular gasoline is 87 and that of premium gasoline is 93.

Can you run race gas in a stock motor?

You can put some racing fuels in normal cars, but there is no real reason for you to do this. These fuels have higher octane ratings, so are designed to perform at higher temperatures and pressures. There is generally no noticeable performance gain when they are used to fuel consumer vehicles.